Oct 14, 2013

Weekend: Soccer and Sweat

Sami's Shenanigans

I actually look forward to this great linkup on Monday's! It seems to start my blogging week off on the right foot, even if I didnt have that great of a weekend.

But I did, so that helps. I've said it before, weekends are family time so I obviously don't do pictures too much.

Our Saturdays are primarily centered around soccer for now.  Kiddo is in his fifth year of playing and after this season it turns into select teams so he's working hard to get selected to stay on with the coach he's had for three years now. 11:30 games mean its basically breakfast and clean up then up to the fields.

For lunch I made a gorgeous salad with chicken fajita meat on top for Hubs and I. The kidlets? Yeah, they had chicken sandwiches and chips! What I wouldn't give for their metabolisms!

Saturday was a lowkey day, but the kids were exhausted and went to bed early.  This is rare so I took advantage of it and jumped on the treadmill to get some extra miles in. If you follow on Twitter or Instagram you saw my excitement...I ran my longest straight run and the fastest! 4.52 miles with a warmup and cool down and I still averaged a pace of 10:52 . Not too shabby for this newbie treadmill runner/wogger right? Let me enjoy this.

If anyone follows the news, Saturday night turned into a rare Austin event. It rained. A huge downpour of a rain that ended up flooding out the ACL concert. That's a first!

Obviously Sunday was rainy and gloomy, but that didn't stop the kids and I from hanging with the family.  Translation? LittleOne and I got some shopping done with my mom while Kiddo hung out 
with Grampa.

Great weekend.

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