Nov 20, 2013

A Supernatural So-What

It has been a couple weeks since this fun linkup, and I'm running low on coffee this morning, so lets run with my sarcastic-coffee-withdrawal

So What.....
That my alarm went off at 4:15 this morning, but I did not step onto my treadmill until 4:55am. 
That we are only half-way through the in-laws visit for 2013 and tensions are rising.

That today we have our Thanksgiving luncheon for work today
and its pizza.....and I'm looking forward to it?

That I just realized that Thanksgiving is literally a week away
and I only have a frozen turkey so far. 
Or that I have purchased two itty bitty stocking stuffers and 
ZERO Christmas presents yet 
and the big day is like 30 days away??

and that I blame Ashton @ A Fluffy Girl for turning me into a gif-whore.

to any fellow Supernatural fans, you are welcome.
To any non-supernatural fans? are missing out.


  1. omgomgomgomgomg DEAN WINCHESTER HOTNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love this and I can relate. Especially about the christmas stuff.. It's not even on my radar yet.

  2. Bahahaa! I love that I have turned you into a gif whore!! And I love all the Supernatural gifs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Haaa loveee it

    -Elise @


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