Nov 14, 2013

Finding middle ground

I'm in some funky middle-ground place...

I don't call myself a runner quite yet, but got gotten myself up to 3-4miles every morning five days a week. That's not too shabby I know, and I'm obviously getting stronger to handle it without too much trouble since I now have done a 5+ (not quite 5.5miles) without trouble other than time restraints.

But I've run into a problem with this and it might be why the scale hasn't moved at all.

For about 48hours after a solid run, I feel like I could eat a small cat or at least a five pound bar of chocolate in a single sitting.

How do I balance this out?  My treadmill is grossly over-estimating calories burned hitting 600-700, so I tend to use MyFitnessPal which is also skewed but it is a safer estimate of about 400-450 calories burned.

I try not to eat back my calories burned, but when this ravenous appetite hits me, I do good to limit myself to half of the burned calories, so possibly a 200lb indulgence.

How long does it take to find that balance of eating enough but not too much?  
I have increased my daily carbs from 30g to 80g, any more and my stomach revolts.


  1. Wish I knew the answer to this too. I try not to eat back my calories (and I've gotten A LOT of flak for that on MFP) so much so that I hid my diary for a while. Maybe try a protein shake or something immediate after a run? Sometimes that helps me until I can get the next meal in.

  2. You should get you a Heart Rate Monitor they are much more accurate!!!!

  3. I try to eat food that is more filing like nuts or yogurt. And eat small meals before you get hungry. Because if I let myself get to a point where I'm really hungry I go crazy and eat everything in site! lol

    -Elise @


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