Nov 15, 2013

Fit Friday Recap (Pile on the Miles)

My calves are pissed and cranky. They tried to throw a coup over night and kick me out of my own body. Together they attacked me, repeatedly. They kicked my literal ass. Quads. Calves. Feet. All of them.  I found awake and fighting not to crawl into the kitchen for a banana or something, anything! I forced myself up onto two painful quaking legs and forced myself to get 4oz of chocolate almond milk to help.

My 4:30am alarm and intent to finish up my week with a 4-5miler?

So my weekly goal of 20miles was not met today, and depending on how my legs work today I'm not sure I'll push it for tomorrow.  If I really want to work on the distance and more endurance I really need to try and get outside anyway.  I'm afraid it doesn't really count that I can run 5+ miles on a treadmill (I do fluctuate my inclines though!) but can't handle my breathing outdoors.

Monday - 5.04 miles (personal best distance and time!)  55:05
Tuesday - 3.25 miles (4.7 walk)
Wednesday - 3.10 miles (4.8 walk)
Thursday - 4.0 miles - 44:34

Total weekly miles: 15.39 as of Friday morning.
I'm in the hole 4.61miles, so I'm going to see if I can sneak away for an hour and get it done before Sunday.

In addition to my mileage challenge, I did return to my mid-day classes since my surgery last month.  Granted my first day back was Insanity Cardio day. Hello? Perhaps that is why my quads are rebelling??  But its all good, I can do this.....

with or without my legs cooperating.

How did your week add up??
If you had a rough week (like me) do you change up next week's goals?


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  1. Wow girl you had a lot going on and still managed all those runs too! You'll get those pesky 4+ miles out of the way and kill it next week!
    I did pretty good this week too. I've done a little something something every day this week and may treat today as a rest. Dunno yet but I am planning a run tomorrow!


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