Nov 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! (Menu)

I hope everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a wonderful day of family and great food!
And for any Canadians? I hope you enjoyed your day as well :)

I slacked on my recipe for the I will share my Thanksgiving menu instead. Despite my attempts to branch out and try new things all the time, the holidays are an exception. Call it fear or tradition but I don't like branching too far away from old stand by classics.

Baked Turkey - although Hubs took the lead on this and did a saffron butter rub just to try it. Amazing!! 

Cornbread stuffing - from Bill Miller BBQ. Seriously the best and easiest fresh stuffing. It's not a box or crouton kind of mix....fresh goopy stuff your pour out and bake for 90minutes. I did this with the promise to make my real homemade version for Christmas 

Sweet potatoes - butter with brown sugar, maple syrup and orange juice sauce and then baked to caramelize the sugars.

GreenBean Casserole - no changes to the classic. It's now the 9yr olds job to make this.

Fresh homemade pan rolls - basic white bread recipe

Green salad

Homemade pecan pie for Hubs 

And last but the most anticipated......
My mom brought our family traditional "Pink Salad" which is a cranberry pecan marshmallow sugar heavenly concoction.

We ate at 1pm and we just snacked for dinner. 
Literally at 9pm I grabbed a handful of peanuts and called it a day.

Since we had a monster of a bird, a "marathon" turkey that weighed 26.8 pounds!?!? 
I got up early at 5:30 to get my run in before the bird went in the oven at 6:30.

4.10miles before 6am on a holiday? Go me.
(I'm still behind by 5miles to meet my Nov goal of 60)

Anyone do a "Turkey trot?" official or not...miles are miles!

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