Nov 21, 2013

I got a swipey and not afraid to use it

I have been bouncing in my seat since Tuesday night with excitement,
ants in my pants kind of fidgeting and such.

I don't mention Hubs very often for his privacy and such, but he is part of this story.  Once upon a time (like when we first met...12yrs ago) he was very fit....actually competed in bodybuilding back in his home country and such kind of hard core gym rat.  He has kept this up over the years as being the gym rat of the household and I'm the supportive wife who secretly lost weight behind his back because I didn't want to turn into his pet project for training. 

So through the years we've always had a real gym membership for him to go and get his grunt on while I rely on my treadmill and our home weight set (which is rather impressive compared to others) mostly because my activity was hit or miss once the kids came into the picture.  We bought my treadmill on 2003 when we bought the first house and I walked. Just walked, I was 180ish? I wasn't a runner and I'm a weather wimp, so I walked.  But the kid came along in 2004, we moved.....blah blah blah and it sat and got dusty.

But we never paid for a gym membership after buying the treadmill for me.
Now with the kiddo, it just wasn't going to happen because of schedule and time right?

That brings me to Tuesday night in which Hubs explained that his current gym contract that he's hated for the last year is ending in December and wanted to check out the brand new gym that opened literally within 50feet of the other gym.

We got the tour and sat through the selling and pricing spiel and it was wonderful and we both knew he was going to switch no matter what.

Then he suddenly asks...'what's the price for both of us?'

say what??
I get my own membership?

We left and I was smiling, Hubs remarked

'well, you've been kicking butt for a year now, you are working out
 harder and more often than I have this year.'

End of story is that I have a brand new spanking key swipey thing just waiting to be swiped!
I have access at my hours, classes during their full hours, and daycare??

I'm in heaven and didn't have to die to get there! (truth is, I'm more likely to end up in not-heaven)


  1. Oh that's awesome!!!!! Yay! Hope you can utilize it to *your* potential!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That's supppperrrr exciting! I'm so happy for you. I just ordered myself an at home spinning bike and I can't wait for it to get here.


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