Nov 25, 2013

I played hooky on Friday

I skipped work.....

for the gym!?

Is that sad??

Let me clarify, I actually planned the leave to attend my son's annual Thanksgiving luncheon at school. It is the one lunch for the whole year that I take off work for and join him. I love how his face lights up when he sees me waiting for him.  This year was extra special because I arranged for my mom and grandmother (his grandma and great-grandma) to surprise him as well. 

His luncheon wasn't until 11:45, so what's a girl to do???

She takes him to school like normal at 6:30 and then drives to the new gym she just joined three days prior and she splurges on some alone time at a brand new clean gym while everyone else was at work.

Gosh I've missed having free reign at the gym!!  

7:15 - 7:35 = slow treadmill
7:40 - 8:15 = shoulders and glutes intermixed with biceps and tris.
8:15-8:30 = BREAK
8:30 - 9:30 = Insanity LIVE class!?

Low estimate of calories burned (between treadmill and insanity) = 980.

I showered and met up with my mom and grandmother for an emergency Kohl's stop to replace my shirt with a sweater since the weather kicked my arss with the sudden shift.  Then off to the luncheon where I promptly ate 80% of what they gave me, I would have gladly eaten 100% but I gave my stuffing to the growing boy sitting next to me who was eyeballing it (no worries, I only sacrificed for my own kid...I'm not that nice with my food to share with some stranger.)

Today's Doctor Who gifs are brought to you by the fact that this weekend was the 50th anniversary special for the show.  For the fun of it I signed up both Kiddo and myself for some kickass medals that probably won't arrive until January.  Kiddo did a 1K but went over (.84mile) and I did a 5K (33min!) on Saturday.

Special thanks to  Desiree at for sharing the link for the awesome TARDIS medals!! 
 Check her out on her weightloss journey, she's lost over 55 pounds and is taking charge to get through the holidays!

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  1. Haha thanks for the shoutout! I'm not ashamed to say that I've, er, played hooky just for the sole purpose of getting some kick ass burn in! Well that may have been part of the reason! ;)

    Great job getting those miles and minutes in for the Doctor Who Virutal 5K!


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