Nov 4, 2013

I'm watching you...

Dear Mr. Postman:

If you or someone in the delivery program for the U.S. Postal Service out here are jealous, then let me know, I may be able to share my good luck with you so that you would let me have my prize packages and not hoard them for yourself.

Being prizes of giveaways or contests, I cannot contact the sender to complain to about not sending a package which they have graciously put out themselves in postage and packaging.  But on that token I canot flub my way through a fake thank you or show of appreciation upon receipt that is typically expected.

Mr or Ms. delivery person, you see my conundrum?
I now realize that is not my fault! I had a great streak with book blog giveaways last year (five in 8months) but now that I have had three giveaway packages never received? I am on to you.  The first one I contacted (an author signed hardback book!) as I thought I failed to fulfill the claim my prize timely only to be embarrassed that it was mailed but never received. It is not the New York Best Selling author's fault nor her publicist that I never received it all the way to a significant metroplex in Texas. And it was nerve wracking enough to email them once to inquire about it, I surely could not ask for a 2nd attempt.

And here I am a year later and three more giveaway winnings "lost" in transit.
I don't think it is natural bad luck here, I now have to surrender.  You win.

**any future prizes or deliveries will now be sent to my parent's home.

I'm watching you.

***and to anybody who has sent me anything in the last two months?? I have every faith that you did send it, and I thank you.

I'm watching you Mr. Postman.

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