Nov 19, 2013

On The Table: Homemade Hummus

Now this isn't anything fancy, but it is superfriggin awesome and easy to make yourself!

In full disclosure, if you'd asked me ten years ago....heck, 5 years ago if I had ever tried hummus, I'd have given you that blank stare of 'what the hell is that?'

But I saw the light.
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If you are one to spend $2-$3 every week on a package of hummus, of if you are more like us and buy it at Sams at $8 for the monster container, you may want to consider making it yourself because the love of hummus is not exactly cheap.

Here's the deal, you can find the basic hummus recipe in a million places online.

Every one of those links have the basic starter recipe and then their own personal tweaks or preferences for their likes. So my recipe doesn't include much measurements for you, you will as you go! I wrote up my best estimates as measurements for my personal favorite hummus.

Breaking it down to the basics is your basic 'starter' and then your 'addons' or flavors

Your Basic Hummus recipe:
1 15oz can of chickpeas or garbanzo beans
tahini (sesame seed paste)
lemon juice
olive oil

But you really get to make it your own and have fun experimenting with the flavors and addons:
pine nuts
other pureed veggies
roasted red peppers (my fave!)

Some quick FAQs and info to spare you the pain of looking for it yourself. 

The most important ingredient outside of the garbanzo beans is Tahini. It is the nectar that blends beans into awesomeness.  Think of peanut butter but from sesame seeds, these itty bitty teeny-tiny seeds!  I find mine on the bottom or top shelf in the peanut butter aisle (because we know that I stop there every week!)

Its all about the blender or food processor and the technique you use, with either processing method, you will need a silicon scraper to get the most out of your machine! You don't want to deal with wasting, washing it down the drain.
crate and barrel
  •  Drain your beans, but keep the bean juice!
    • use it instead of the amount of oil to keep it lighter, granted this may up the side effect of beans (wink) 
  • have everything close to grab, you will likely need more spices than you expect
  • have extra spoons or fingers ready to taste and texture test your hummus as you go.
  • what kind of container are you going to keep it in?
    •  Leftover empty Sabra container? Why yes! 
    • Or a plastic sour cream container would work just as good. 

Here we go...this is my personal technique with a blender:
  1. Drain your can of beans.  Just push the lid down into it (like you do tuna) and collect the "bean juice" in a measuring cup or bowl.
  2. Toss the beans into the blender
  3. Add 2tbsp of water into the blender.
  4. Pulse and start the process to mush up or at least break down the beans. 2 minutes?
  5. Add in the 2 tbsp of tahini (start with 1 if you are nervous) and continue to blend
  6. While the tahini, beans, and water are blending...pour in about 1tsp of lemon juice
  7. Does it look thick? then add in either water or the saved bean juice (its more aromatic and adds more flavor)
  8. Stop and scrap the blender/processer to get everything back down to get this nice and smooth.
  9. While pausing, add in two cloves of fresh garlic (or sprinkle in the powder stuff)
  10. More blending....and lets add in some cumin, okay a LOT of cumin (we like it zesty!) and another dab of tahini.
  11. More blending! just watch it for your preference for creaminess.  *I probably add in about a 1/4 cup of liquid.
  12. Grab that silicon and pour your creamy goodness into a container. Looks purdy, so tempting to chow down??No, not yet!
  13. Now its time for the olive oil, just drizzle it on top.. don't mix it in.  It is a barrier to help prevent it from drying out!

And here is where you get fancy if you have company coming over and garnish it with a sprinkle of paprika or toss some sesame seeds or whole beans on top.  And it looks all schmancy like?

But if its for yourself?  You now have permission to lounge on the couch with some pita chips (or toasted flour tortillas in a pinch) and our homemade heaven.

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