Nov 7, 2013

Pile on the Miles 2013

How in the world is it only Thursday??

This has got to be the slowest week in history, I thought it was Friday on Tuesday!

Tuesday was rough for our house, we spent the afternoon at the emergency room with LittleOne.  No worries, Dr. Mom was correct (that's me, even if Hubs won't ever say it) that her arm was NOT broken but rather her elbow was dislocated. Ouch, yes...but less trauma than a broken bone for a fiesty 2yr old, right?

That three hours at the emergency visit allowed me the treat of going out for dinner.  We ran to Logan's Roadhouse mostly because of its location but also it was coupon night. What can I say, I have six mouths to feed right now with our houseguests!  I was proud of my choice though, I did not touch a single one of the warm yummy rolls smothered in butter, and my dinner choice was a sirloin steak with double side of skewered/grilled vegetables.  As I said, we don't eat out very often at all and when the random outings to come up, I always used that as an excuse to eat in excess or splurge more than usual.

I mentioned last month that my October goals were thwarted by the chronic sickies in the house and my surgery, but that was last month and now its November.

To help this time around, is

I signed up late, as in yesterday the 6th of November...oops.  I figure the more I put it out there, the better odds I have of actually following through.

I signed up with the goal of a total of 50 miles for November, completely do-able even with me only running during the work week.

I'm already stoked with my mileage this week alone, but will wait for tomorrow for a weekly total to share :)

Don't worry, I'm still not calling myself a runner....but this is hilarious to me because my 9yr old says it to me almost daily now when I report in how far I ran that morning.  He shakes his head and says 'wow mom, you are crazy!' and smiles.

Any other November challenges or incentive out there?
  I need all the help I can have this time of the year!

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