Nov 1, 2013

Silver linings of October

This morning I awoke in a craptastic mood. No specific reason other than one hell of a week, but I hate to write of all the negatives going on.  I find that if I dwell on the past or the negatives, then it is all that I see and you end up in a bad negative cycle. 

Rather, this post is about the 'silver linings' of Octobers less than stellar events:

My original goal of mileage was lofty but totally do-able until hampered by a very sick toddler and then a surgery being suddenly scheduled midmonth.  I ended the month with a whole 42miles (originally set myself a goal of 60.)  Its respectable since I started using dailymile since July as it is my 2nd highest month logged in.
Silver Lining? Next month will obviously be a new personal best month and will set my new high record.
As a result of  my mileage fail, the scale has not moved and my legs are getting soft.
Silver Lining? The scale didn't move UP.  Reality is with houseguests and the eating habits and entertaining, I'll be happy if I survive the next two months in maintaining
3. A total of seven days of vacation/sick time used this month for a sick kiddo and my surgery.
Silver Lining? Bonus cuddle time with LittleOne, updated prescriptions for the rest of the year for her.....(and pain meds for me)


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