Nov 11, 2013

Weekends: Mileage and Glam

Last week was quite the week! I think it was the first Friday I didn't blog since starting! That means I have my belated Friday Fit Recap for last week.  I think it was important enough to blog-belated mostly because I set my own personal record for weekly miles!!!

Monday - 3.52
Tuesday - 4.0
Wednesday - 2.5
Thursday - 4.71
Friday - 3.5

Weekly total: 18.43
(reclosing the geek closet)

How about my weekend shenanigans now that I've bragged on myself now?

Sami's Shenanigans

Saturday I got an uber rare treat of 3 hours by myself! Insert a blissful grin here.  But it wasn't all for fun, rather was spent getting my hair done.  Its double-rare since I only get my hair done about twice a year, and I happen to be kid free, but Hubs mentioned in passing to splurge and get someone to do my color instead of my routine box habit.  So I jumped at the chance and lucked out with @GlamGirlErin.

How can you complain about an awesome colorist who comes to you?? She's in San Antonio, but a few friends from work got together and made it worth her drive up to south Austin to hook some girls up with some highlights.  A total sweetheart who let us all talk crap and gossip among one another while she just worked her magic.  So my routine reddish brown now has honey highlights, and I'm already itching to add more! ha!  It has been forever since I did blondish highlights or highlight at all, likely close to 9 years. Wow.

After that fun, we hosted some friends for dinner with a traditional moroccan fun night with roasted lamb and french fries, followed up with extra hot mint tea and card games.  It was a blast having a crowd in the house for once for fun.

Sunday we headed down to San Antonio for the zoo, letting the kids run amok.  I had to take the emergency inhalers for LittleOne, but she's good.  She started steroids on Friday and she's now clear of any emergencies (for now.)

Today being the holiday for us but not Kiddo, I had to really force myself to stay on target with getting up at 4:30 to run.  I mean I didn't have to work, and I'm voluntarily getting up uber early for no reason?? YES I DID.  I hit that treadmill hard and faster than usual and actually hit 5 miles! My longest running distance to date. I've walked it several times,  but this was full on running under 11minute pace.

And now?

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  1. Wonderful weekend and great job with all those miles! (And the nod to Data!) :D


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