Dec 6, 2013

5 on Friday

Linking up to The Good Life Blog for Five for Friday!

This may serve as my last will and testament since I have less than 24 hours before the Dirty Girl run tomorrow in the midst of an arctic blast.

I did it.

I broke up with my work coffee club and forged my own. I rearranged my office and now have te wonderful aroma of percolating coffee around me. I think this is what heaven smells like, right?


Amazingly cheap but awesome ginger thins that go so well with coffee but even better with tea. They are cookies but so thin and wafer like I don't feel guilty with two cookies with a cup of chai.

Hazel and Olive Boutique

I love the idea of all those fabulous infinity scarves and pops of color, but I either need a different neckline of shirts or a different neck??

Mom's who shop for me better than I do.

A couple week's ago Mom found me shivering in one of the three long sleeved shirts I own (hey, its Austin!) and felt bad for me, so she got me a gorgeous scoop neck sweater.


For tomorrow's Death, friends that come from warmer states and conditions to die by your side covered in mud and rain?  No worries, if we survive we will be celebrating with queso and flour tortillas, perhaps a bean burger or other San Antonio favorite standbys.

Peace out for the weekend all my lovelies!!!
I will update on Instagram @overextendedapril or via Twitter if I happen to survive tomorrow's ordeal.


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