Dec 5, 2013

Being 'more'

I thought that just in case I don't die on Saturday of hypothermia, 
then I should have a chance to be a better momma this year than last.

I have a personal goal of trying harder to enjoy the holidays this year.  I typically get caught up with my baking for gifts and work and suddenly turn around that it is the week of Christmas and I let the month of family and fun fly by me.  I will try my hardest to not hate shopping, it should be enjoyable when shopping, especially for other people!   

Sunday the Christmas tree shall go up. It must.
It was up and decorated only for 11 days last year.  I had an 8yr old and a soon to be 2yr old, and they only got to enjoy a lit tree for less than two weeks. Unacceptable, right?

Also this weekend, we will be making advent rings to mark down the holidays.
Nothing Pinterest fancy at all, just basic old school elmer glue and construction paper rings.

Just more holiday inclined

more family craftsy and not OCD-"let me do it" craftsy

more 'lets watch a movie together' instead of 'I need to clean this or that.'

I am going to try and be more.

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