Dec 12, 2013

Five for Friday (the 13th)

Linking up to The Good Life Blog for Five for Friday!

I must admit I felt out of sorts all week, and this week's "5" may explain why:

1. Evil Hubs strikes again.  This week involved his successful attempt to make homemade tiramisu. Seriously? Can the man not just focus on great smoked meat or perfected coffee? 
Desserts and carby heaven awaits when he gets the urge to cook.
2. We've had some snags with daycare for the month of December and now have two separate dropoff/pickup places and it is killing us with the commute.  I'm grateful for my friend who saved me from near panic attacks, but one extra stop (a mere 3miles from work...super close!) has added a full 40 minutes to the drive.
 Thank you Austin traffic.

3. Two days of conferences on Monday and Tuesday really added to the mix with driving to North Austin rather than my usual 45-55minute drive to South Austin.  Add in #2 above, along with rain and yuck?  Monday's return home took over 2 hours for a mere 43miles.
Thank you again Austin.

4. Kiddo is doing a 'Heritage Project' and somehow through the karma of the universe this means I have homework lately.  I've been googling and printing and 'instructing' him on what questions to ask all the while trying to teach him to do his own project.  
(This is counterproductive with a control freak OCD mom though)

5. I realized yesterday that this is my official 'holiday baking' weekend for all the random goody gifts that I feel obligated to give out.  Kiddo now has three teachers, so I've nixed the Starbucks cards and am throwing homemade caramel corn or kettle corn at them.  LittleOne's daycare saviour will be getting some goodies and the gift card.  
But, I'm afraid that Hubs will check out the goody stash and wonder where my usual go-to's have disappeared to.

I'll update next week if I ended up having to make an emergency batch of snickerdoodles or whatnot.

What are your "go-to" holiday cookies or baked goods?

Have a great Friday the 13th (and weekend)


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  1. I hope the baking went well :) Mine is happening next weekend and I'm so not ready!


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