Dec 19, 2013

Hack, cough, stumble, lift

My normal treadmill perkiness:

This week? I'm barely moving:

I either have a sinus infection or something else that has crept into my lungs and I've been in the 'coughing up a lung' club this week. It sucks, not only because I'm coughing and being medicated, but that it has impacted my cardio work this week completely
I had to bump up my new weight training schedule to keep up with any sort of workout to make up for the lack of cardio.  I tried the treadmill Tuesday morning and lasted a whooping 1mile before turning to the spin bikes and did a slow 5miles until the coughing made me almost topple off the bike.

Hubs hooked me up with the app he uses to help me have a routine or plan in place before facing the gym weights and machines and not look like a complete newb. It is probably intended for true "body-builders" but it has helped me set up a little routine for myself so I thought I'd share why I can barely put my shirts on in the mornings right now.

I first started two weeks ago with the "Basic Three Day Routine" which I thought would be a good balance between my running days, but I've only managed it twice a week between LittleOne being sick, work conflicts and basically life.

So here's what I've done this week, it is allowing me to feel better about doing something that doesn't involve people thinking I have the plague.

Bench Press
Incline Barbell Bench Press

Wide Grip Pull Down  *this is a must exercise! I love it for my shoulders and back!
Cable Row
Preacher Curls  *my arms are too short for the chair so I sit down on a flat bench instead.
One Arm Cable Curls

Luckily at 4:30am the gym is only the hardcore people right now, so its literally two meat heads, one girl, and myself and we have free reign at the gym and all do our own thing.  This helps me not be intimidated to try these machines and free weights.


  1. Yikes! Hope you feel better asap! Maybe you can squeeze in a little walk or something here and there.

  2. Oh no!! hope you feel better soon :)


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