Dec 2, 2013

November Goals = Kicked A$$

100th post celebration
I had another post prepped for today, 
but then I realized what better way to celebrate a 100th post (yippee)
 than with the awesome recap of my Pile on the Miles 2013 Challenge for November?

First of all, I joined in the challenge late around November 6th and second guessed myself and signed up for 50 miles for the month.  I knew I could easily log 12 miles a week and then do a bonus 4-5 somewhere throughout the month to get to 50 without too much effort.  But the competitive person I really am wanted to put down 60miles to see if I could. 

Sadly I doubted myself too much because I ended up kicking that 60's arss.
For those who don't know, I'm on Twitter and Instagram and this was my bragging portion of the weekend. Like if I were to do my Weekend Shenanigans post like usual, this is the only thing worth mentioning:

Twitter = "I got carried away tonight and got a PR on the treadmill! Distance and speed"
Hubs and mom texts = "Holy $hit, I just ran a 10K!!"

6.25 miles in 63.28

And that brought my #potm2013 total to 61.82 miles.
Not too shabby for a former 200lb girl.

Guess this means I will be officially signing up for a 10K next year?

But first....goals for December?
Have you posted, or thought of your fitness goals for the month?

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  1. WOOOHOOOO! WOW! Congrats on that unintended 10K! That's awesome! You really did rock November!


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