Dec 18, 2013

What's my name!?!

As I laid on the floor last night with the Ipad in one hand and my phone in the other trying to jump at the chance of some awesome giveaways (like Ashton and her Elves!! seriously its $200 big ones!!)

I realized that maybe I'm doing something wrong with my name/blog/media stuff.

Who April is and Where

Instagram ~~~~ @OverExtendedApril

Twitter ~~~~ @Aprilelayne1 

Pinterest  ~~~~ Aprilelayne

BlogLovin ~~~~ April (aprilelayne)

Gmail ~~~~ aprilelayne at gmail dot com

Facebook ~~~~ I'm not jumping in completely on this one

I am planning on a blog refresh in the new year, new design and what that point I hope to sync up everything.  It has been six months now and I think I'm getting more confident in my blog name, but for now I would love any feedback if OverExtended April is what I should stick with!

FYI, this Friday I will be posting a review of Plexus Slim that I got gifted by a friend.  This is a first weight loss or enhancement type product review for me so I'm anxious to see what results I can share with you guys. 

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  1. yea, once I finally found a "theme" for my blog I tried to match everything pretty closely with my blog name (My Fitness Pal, Instagram, fb page all that) but the only thing I couldn't do was twitter. Had to go with @1skinnygeek there Ah well, close enough!


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