Jan 31, 2014

Follow thru Friday #4

Can you believe this month is already over? Do you know what this means? We have survivedan entire month still pushing along with our 2014 Resolutions/Missions/Goals whatever we called them.

I smiled tonight at dinner when I realized I haven't had a Diet Coke "since last year!" and truthfully I'm parched so much and chugging water so much I didn't miss it.

Alrighty, let's jump in with the details of my week with the #FTF Crew. A bunch of snazzy ladies who are all inspiring in their own ways! (Each week I've been rotating one of the girl's blogs! Check them out, they are so fun but all so different!)

Monday -3.5 miles + Betty Rocker
Tuesday - 2.2 miles **snow day
Wednesday - shoulders/back + Insanity Cardio
Thursday - legs and calves + Zumba
Friday - 2.10miles + biceps/triceps

And tomorrow I have an outdoor 5k that I signed up for. Looking forward to the fun of a group run for a change.

Anyone else still on plan or haven't broken your resolution?

eta: oopsie, posted too late for the official linkup! 
But you ladies know I'm plugging along and that's the important thing.

Jan 30, 2014

Unofficial Blog Rules

I squealed already on Instagram on Tuesday, but if this is your first visit...I just got my blog all jazzed up this week by Hubby Jack! (So easy and funny to work with!)

I love it! All clean and pretty, like how I wish my house would look 100% of the time?  but I have to admit that there is one thing that is taking some adjustment for me....
Yeah, that.  If you haven't noticed around the blogworld.... a face is a basic requirement.  Something about proof that the blogger isn't a catfish or a troll, or a fishy-troll?  So there I am, my face at least.  I guess it is better than a social norm of a full body shot or anything, right? You may get more of an idea of who I am through my Instagram @OverExtendedApril

I've posted a picture here or there, but apparently I lack the skill for a decent selfie. Is there a class I need to take? Selfies for Dummies?  Anyway, its just more proof that I'm a real live woman behind the scenes and gif messages.  I guess now I can proudly say 'oh a blog? yes...but its nothing, really' because we all know when you hear that we go googling and stalking, don't we?  Sorry IRL people, I don't write about people...just me, food, and sweat.

So if you are new: Welcome!!!
If you are one of my three faithfuls from the beginning? Nice to meet you, this is my face, April.

I finally feel like less of a fraud. I mean, I got myself a button and all that good stuff.

Nice digs ya got here April!

Thanks Dean!
 you can visit and hang out anytime.

Jan 29, 2014

Making Fat Cry with "Fat Amy" - Week 3

Here we go again...
control yourself there Amy

Amy had to recover from Week2 and is late for the convo, so we are sharing Week3 that was due last week.

What can I say? It was my fault... it was Amy.
FatAmy was a slacker.

This week actually seemed easier for me than Week2, perhaps it was because I wasn't coughing up a lung and had a better attitude?  Nonetheless, Betty Rocker and the challenge is rocking along for me and I have every intention of doing the next one.  She hasn't killed me yet, and well its FREE.

Fat Amy?
Okay, she's ready and eager!

Each activity = 1 minute
Each series = 1 round
Goal = at least 3 rounds

Make Fat Cry Week 3
"Double Unders" / air rope with double circles
Walking planks (from hand to elbow and alternate arms)
One legged burpees (2xleg and switch)
Race Block starters (floor mountain climbers) 
"Frog Jumps" / power squats with a hop
"Get Ups" 30/30
Single Leg Vups
Pike Pushups

This week's activities were easier for me for some reason,
or I'm just becoming a badass like Amy?

  • The one legged burpees intimidated me at first until I practiced it, basically it is a one legged hop up with one legged pushup (I just stacked my ankles) in the normal burpee pattern.
  • I still struggle with my tailbone with jumping activities, so I did little bunny hops instead of frog jumps.  The squat form is more important than the size of the hop, so keep your booty and knees in the correct position.
  • "Get Ups" sounds odd, but I can't describe it better than Betty herself.  The video (sorry, not able to share it) has you holding a water bottle or something as your target and to keep your hands full and you are moving from a laying position to standing without the use of your hands.  If you could do burpees backwards, as in situps instead of pushups, and moving from laying to standing, then this is it.  It obviously is a slower transition, but it works your core really good! I did 30seconds with one arm as my focus and then changed arms for the other 30seconds.
  • The single leg 'Vups' are simply held crunches with alternating extended legs.

This week's activities were easier for me for some reason,
or I'm just becoming a badass like Amy?

Amy, wanna share our fun with some new friends?
The Hump Day Blog Hop

Hello there.

Jan 27, 2014

Monday Confession

I like rules, order, structure.
This is probably why I was successful at WeightWatchers and Adkins.
Both told me exactly what to eat, or how many of what to eat.

For the last year I've been lowcarb, staying under 50grams of carbs a day. Easy rule to follow and I'm in a groove with eating the exact same things everything. I honestly don't mind this, however....I think this is my downfall because I have a confession.

I am not eating enough.

And it doesn't work anymore.  The entire year of 2013 I really didn't show a weight loss on the scale. Sure I fluctuated three to five pounds but no matter how hard I worked out and ran or didn't...it made no difference.  I guess eating less than 1200 calories a day will do that.

Those 1200 calories are perfectly fine for a non-workout day, right?
But for those who have following or just jumped in, you will notice that I work out twice a day 5days a week, and now with my HRM and Polar Loop I have a more scientific approximation of my burns and whatnot.

1200 calories intake
minus 600-900 calories
results in bumpkiss.


I know this.
I'm not posting this for anything other than to share that I'm going to be in research mode to figure out what is an appropriate balance (macros) for me.  I'm working out 90minutes a day and running up to 22-25miles a week.  I actually got a distance record on Friday night of 6.5miles, and then I felt horrible that my polar was saying I burned another 800 calories making my TDEE plus workouts a total of 3000 calories, yet I only ate 1500 (I forced myself to eat), which essentially means I was in the hole 1500 calories just for the one day.

I've tried adding in protein shakes to help bump up my intake and protein, but am having trouble finding one that is good for my IBS and lactose intolerance. I was very excited to try the samples of Advocare I had gathered, but I had a very very bad reaction to the chocolate.  I still have a greenberry to try, but honestly I'm scared to react or flare again.  

If anyone has a vegan option to suggest, please, I'm open to it.  

Now here's the screwed up part...
People are complimenting my efforts, noticing weight loss (that is not there!) and remarking on how 'thin' I'm getting.  I am losing inches and yes that is most important, but I know I'm not doing it in a healthy way right now.

Give a girl a compliment and it makes it harder to let the science/health side of the brain take control over the girl with low-self-esteem brain.

If anyone has gone through this, experience with a nutritionist/trainer, or want to point me in a right direction, I am open to suggestions.

Jan 24, 2014

Follow Through Friday #3

Another week?  Do you realize that January is pretty much over?? We only have one more Friday and then its the shortest and bestest month of the year. Why yes, it is the bestest! You didn't know?

1. I have my first public 5K of the 2014 year on 2/1.  (My January run was virtual)
2. It is LittleOne's birthday on the 11th
3. and then its my birthday on the 26th.

and then we turn it into March and my 3rd 5K of the year is on 3/1 with a neighborhood official 5K.

But before we move forward into February, we have to assume that January is going full-steam ahead?

So I'm again linking up with the fabulous-follow-through-crew, the FFTC.
Yeah, its Friday and I need some Dean attitude.

This week I kicked some bootay on the treadmill with mileage! and I feel so much better this week than the prior two, despite battling a sinus crud again.  I will gladly tolerate the 105*plus weather of Austin in August, but this cedar allergy season is for the birds.

This week?

Monday - sick day
Tuesday - 3.3miles + SeanT's RockinBody
Wednesday - 3.1miles + Insanity + Betty Rocker
Thursday - 2.25miles + Biceps and Shoulders + Betty Rocker
Friday - 3.1miles + Insanity Weights

Saturday will be off with the kidlets
Sunday I have already mapped out the 4miler near my parent's home just in case we end up staying the night there after our activities on Saturday. 

I have to admit the weekend runs are falling behind schedule, I typically run myself ragged during the week so that I can spend time with the kidlets and not have to wake up at o'dark-thirty to workout before they get up.  The weekends are potentially the only nights I get to sleep in my real bed (Hubs doesn't jive with the 4:15 alarm clock) and sleep in, which in the house is 6:45am with LittleOne.  So my long runs will take quite some planning, which either means I have to wake up early or *gasp* rely on someone else for the kidlets while I go?  That's a control thing of mine, I gotta figure that out.

So, everyone else still following-through on your resolutions, goals, mission statements, whatever you called it when the bells rang on 1/1??

Jan 22, 2014

So What Wednesday - January

I haven't done a SWW yet this year since Fat Amy has been a Wednesday regular, I think we will start with that, won't we?

So what if I got myself sick again and haven't kept up with my BettyRocker challenge. It hasn't gone away, I'm just saving those routines up for a rainy day. Like a squirrel hoarding nuts for winter, or me hoarding chocolate in the tippy top shelf of the pantry behind a canister that nobody pays attention to. Yes like that.

So what if my dinner was a complete bomb last night? 
With the sinus meds I'm on nothing tastes right anyway. And the good mama that I am did offer to make peanut butter sandwiches for the kidlets afterwards but we all opted to just eat our veggies and no entree.

So what if I think I can self-medicate with last month's meds?

So what if I've been less than perfect and posted a swear word in yesterday's post.

So what if its only Wednesday and I'm already anxious for my Saturday plans?
Ha! The kids and I are heading to a birthday party at some Lego Robotics party place. 
Kiddo is stoked.

and so what if one of my Doctors doesn't match the others....after all,

No worries, Fat Amy will return for her scheduled venting.

Jan 21, 2014

Dear Health Food,

I eat pretty clean, many people around me think I'm uber healthy mostly because I cook at home and we don't eat packaged stuff. The cleaner version of food we eat is simply because

a. I'm cheap
b. Hubs has a MSG allergy
c. LittleOne has a soy allergy
d. I have a gluten sensitive stomach
e. and I'm cheap

But this about all the healthy options out there we read about and see awesome pictures of on Instagram and they make me feel guilty that I don't eat as perfectly as I should.  The following are not my excuses, but well the truth:

Dear New-Found grain/thing with a funky name,
I have tried three different types of quinoa and you all suck.  I cannot get past your rice type appearance but funky texture. I can handle grits, oatmeal, cream of wheat, couscous, risotto, 10types of rice, etc...anything! But quinoa, you and your health benefits are not jiving with these tastes buds.

Dear Evil-Ovals,
Why must you be the go-to in health food?  The go-to in a lowcarb diet, paleo, whole? you name it kind of menu?  You with your controversial yoke and slimy whites?  It is pointless for me to partake in you because I must hide your healthiness with salsa, sriracha, cheese, meat, something to mask your sliminess.  You are the reason that I grew up on pancakes and waffles instead of simple eggs.  I blame you with my unhealthy weekend breakfast habits.

Dear entire health aisle of supplements,
Whey? why you no like me? why my tummy confuses you with lactose/dairy?
Lactose? we've been enemies for years.
Egg? see above, I know you are related to those foul little ovals! its psychological I know, but I know its really you in disguise.

Give me one good protein shake that I can mix with a fake milk (almond) or water and it be good for me without costing my week's grocery budget?

Without any love whatsoever,
April, the cheapass semi-healthy conscious person struggling to eat enough food.

Seriously though, if anyone wants to drop some names or ideas of a protein powder to try, I am game! 

*I did already try Advocare-Shakeology (chocolated) and reacted badly, but it was the original w/ lactose and dairy and not the vegan option.

Jan 20, 2014

Blog Love: Denied

I have a confession ladies (and HJ if he happens to stalk along) I read so many of your blogs and then want to send my oh so witty comment or kudos your way and then I get blocked.

Work doesn't really like most of us playing around online, and they actually take pleasure in shutting us down in regards to 'connecting to people.' It isn't just your comment boxes, but it is often the schmancy purdy headers as well or have link embedded in an image.  
It really is luck of the draw if I can interact with certain blogs, unless if I'm at home on the Ipad or phone.

Google-plus people? 
yeah, I've tried but those pesky IT people block everything but the google landing page. 
They really must be anti-google.

Google Friend Connect?
same thing.

 yeah right!  All the giveaways and sweet stuff?  Phone with all sorts of windows open to hit all the media outlets.

 Okay, blocking this one may be a good idea, we all know that it literally is a time-suck and you'd find youself at 4pm sucking down that 8am cup of coffee and wondering where you day went other than the 200 new pins that were cute enough to pin but will never see the light of day in your house?  Okay, I'll give them that one.

I jump and smile when my phone does its whistle to tell me that one of you has left me some love!! I reply to everyone that I'm able to, and typically will follow you around to find where you land and read up. 
 Then I often get censored stuck and get limited in letting you know how awesome you are! 

So make sure you aren't a "no-reply" blogger and get your email set up in your profile 
so I can stalk, respond and follow you.

Jan 17, 2014

Follow Thru Friday #2


Well lookie loo!
We are already linking up again with the #FTF crew! 
Its Friday, aka...fess up day.

I have to say this week has been difficult in a different way than last week.  Last week I was physically hurting and struggling with overextending myself, but this week I've got my workouts owned! but not the fuel part, the calories 'in' is where I'm struggling.

That's another post though where I'm going to need some help from friendly advice-giving folks, k?

Am I following through still? I mean January is already half-over, a lot of people have already gotten on and off this wagon.  But so far, I got this!
January 13 - 17
Monday: 3.3miles + T25 Cardio + T25 Abs
Tuesday: 2miles + LEGDAY + P90X chest and shoulders
Wednesday: 2.8miles elliptical + TaeBo + Betty RockerW2
Thursday: Arms/Chest day + Zumba + Betty RockerW3
Friday:  2miles + T25 Circuit

And tomorrow I am scheduled for a 4mile for the half-training.  This may be on Saturday or Sunday, whichever day it will be I will be running with Meg on my mind.  #megsmiles  If you are planning a run on Saturday, check around on FB or IG with #megsmiles to show your support for Meg, a stranger to me, but an avid runner who was struck by a drunk driver Monday morning while she was on her morning run.  I learned about it from The Texas Peach and then found the entire running community coming together for Meg across the country with the help of Facebook and Instagram.

Stay safe my friends!!

until Monday, I'm out!

Jan 16, 2014

Bravo April, bravo

This is a first time getting to jump into this linkup hosted by KTJ !! and it was completely unplanned that this is my post for today, it must have been destiny.

This morning was like every other where I'm scrambling out of the shower to quickly get dressed to stay on schedule with the kids' routines and such.  I get home from the gym around 5:45 to shower and get dressed by 6am! yikes, right?  At 6:05 I have thrown all the food stuff into lunchbags and knocked on Kiddo's door to make sure he didn't ignore or snooze his alarm.

Needless to say, I typically wear the exact same thing everyday of the week. Black slacks and a blouse, black socks and shoes. Done.

But this morning I got a wild hair and reached further into the closet for a pair of pants, one from before my daughter.  A pair from my 'skinny days' when I was a solid 20lbs lighter than I was this morning...but I was throwing caution to the wind and tempted the gods and tried on the old favorite pair.

and they fit.


enough for public viewing.
get your groove on Jean Luc!

This simply means that despite that ugly number on the scale, I am almost as small as I was when I was 20lbs lighter. Solidly reminding me of the importance of measurements being a better representation of health (even if that number is still ugly on the scale.)

Jan 15, 2014

Making Fat Cry with "Fat Amy" - Week 2

Here's the deal, 100% honesty...

I thought Week1 was hard?  That was nothing on this week's schedule, for reals.

I failed.
Three times a week? More like one and a half. 
Apparently I'm not the badass I thought I was?  
Now that is hilarious! badass has never been uttered around me, 
unless it was fat-ass misunderstood.


Each activity is 1minute long
Full list of activities is 1 round
Each workout is at least 3 rounds.

Tuck Jumps
One Arm plants (legs apart, alternate arms 30sec each)
Plank mountain climbers
Handstand hold
Wall sit cross 1-2punches
Spiderman pushups (planks w/ side knees up to elbow)
Banana to superman rolls
Tricep dips

Hello??? Do you see what #4 was??

 You heard me people!

No, Amy is right...handstands aren't as bad as that, but I'm not a 16yr old cheerleader either.

I did the full schedule twice this past week, including the handstands once.  The second time I just didn't trust my wrists.

If anyone else wants to try it, just remember to let your legs fall slowly and don't stand immediately up, get lightheaded and then fall back into the wall while standing upright.

Don't do that.

Until next week I'll consider my 1.5 attempt a success.  I'm nervous if it was that hard for Week2, how am I going to die with Week3?

For now though since I'm still alive...I'll take Amy's take on it and call it a win.

Jan 14, 2014

"In His Bag"

While Tuesdays are typically titled 'On the Table'....this week it is more appropriate as 'In his bag...' as in what I mealprepped for Hubs this week.

For the last two years I have faithfully packed my lunch at least 4days a week with a treat day on Fridays (not anymore!) while Hubs would randomly take a leftover dinner but more often than not would eat out for lunch.  That boy metabolism is convenient when he can pack it away....but not so convenient on the pocket book.

Around November he started to realize how much $$ was being spent on his lunches and how his body was reacting to eating out so often.  Insert the wonderful wife here.

It all started with him making a pot of lentils for himself (remember, he's the better cook between us!) and taking that for lunch three times a week.  Then I gently nudged him into adding a protein to round it out.....which evolved into 'sharing' my prepped salad to give him a full meal.

And now here we are with a full on meal prep Sunday for him in addition to my own.

So 'In his bag' this week?

Lemon Pepper chicken breasts
Roasted broccoli and onions / rotated with zucchini corn medley
Green salad / rotated with vinegar cucumbers
Brown rice

No need to share what was in 'my bag' since it is the same as always 
being a green salad with a rotation of turkey breast, tuna, or diced chicken.
but I took pictures of both of ours anyway to show our 'his and hers' this week.
I do routinely post Sunday #mealprep on Instagram if you want to join in, or better yet use the #mealprep or #mealprepping hashtags and get other great ideas for menu planning for your lunches.

Any other fabulous ideas for lunch prep out there?  Don't be selfish, share with me!

Jan 13, 2014

Weekend regrets

Welcome back to the 2nd Monday of 2014!!

And the 2nd week1 for me.  Let me be honest, I know I worked my tail off last week between three different workout programs, and I did good with my eating plan for the week (more on that this week)...the scale didn't budge much but I felt good and non-bloated.

But then Saturday happens.

I started strong with my basic coffee and lowcarb breakfast of 1egg and 1piece of turkey bacon...with the full expectation to stick with plan like I had for the prior 10 days.  Then LittleOne and I head off to a birthday party, to which they had carbs food at my fingertips.  Following a 'Frozen' theme, she had a giant bowl of pretzels, marshmallows, and chocolate chips for the kids to make snowmen and custom decorated cookies.  Mini-sandwiches were the main food item, which was easy enough for both LittleOne and I to pick apart and eat the turkey by itself.  But then I noticed the 'adult table'....and I spied, no I smelled...my one vice other than chocolate.  There it was, a crockpot simmering with the gooey heaven that is illegal to not serve at any gathering....

The queso called to me.

Ruined...completely ruined by noon on Saturday.

I have to admit I think it was too much temptation after a gastro flareup that started on Thursday.  Saturday was the first day I felt well enough to eat food, and while the queso was nice to me....it wasn't worth it.

It is Monday, and I'm full of regret, but moving forward.

Jan 10, 2014

Follow Thru Friday #1


If anyone joined me last year, I took Fridays as a summary day to recap my week of activity or lack of to join in the hoorah of me kicking my own ar$$ or if I just choked and ate enough Reeses for a small village.

But this year I'm hoping these girls can keep me on my toes because I'm too competitive excited to have people to encourage all of us on!

This week was the first week of the year and I'm sure everyone hit it just as hard as I did, I know I was feeling it early on the week and am looking forward to my 36hours of resting!ha!  Before this new push, I would take the weekends as my family and rest days....but with the idea of a half-marathon this year I am having to devote some weekend time for a longer run on the weekends.  We will see that goes next week!

But for this week, I'm sore....feel awesome, but sore.

Saturday - My Betty Rocker Challenge (on Instagram #makefatcrychallenge) 26minutes of cardio plus 2mile walk
Sunday - Betty Rocker Challenge 26minutes
Monday - 3.1 miles + P90X Plyo
Tuesday - Insanity Weights + 2miles (inclines) + stretch
Wednesday -30min of stair running (Insanity class was too full!)
Thursday - Weights + Zumba + AbRipper + BettyRocker Week2Day1
Friday - 3.1miles + Brazillian Butt video (scheduled at lunch today)

Where does that leave me with my running program?  I'm 3miles behind schedule already. Poo.  I am tempted to do some tonight or tomorrow. It was that darn doubled-up Monday with Plyo. My quads were sore as anything until Thursday!

Luckily the program has the same layout for miles next week, almost like a repeat of Week1.

Did anyone else make their fat cry?

or was it just me that you heard whimpering down the hall?

Jan 9, 2014

Trending hoaxes and the media

Be warned, this may sound like your mom ranting, or at least a former obese woman ranting:

2013 and the "Thigh Gap"
and now in 2014 it is the "Bikini Bridge"

Both of which are completely ludricrous images and ideals for people and not at all measurements of 'health' or 'fitness'....yet the tabloids, Instagram, Facebook, and even mainstream news are mentioning it!?

Case in Point?
The Today article that prompted my frustration.

While the author does re-iterate that this new 'Bikini Bridge' is a hoax and deliberate media experiment...but the article themselves are subjects of the hoaxers ploy for coverage and Google hits.

That article? Was posted to the Today website at 1:48pm ET yesterday, I originally read the article about the hoax within 40 minutes of it being posted.   So to gauge how pervasive this issue is, I did a tag search on Instagram of it yesterday at 3:38pm/2:28pm ET...40minutes after the article.

#bikinibridge = 697
#bikinibridges = 18
#bikinibridge2014 = 6

And today? less than 24hours
#bikinibridge = 788
#bikinibridges = 23
#bikinibridge2014 = 29

See what you did there Today?
You egged this hoax on yourselves despite your best intentions of warning young women not to fall prey to the game. What did you expect by even bringing up the hoax or elaborating on it.  You've added more visuals to overcome for our ladies.

Here's the truth to any young naive men, and to impressionable young ladies:

I had stupid hip bones protuding out when I weighed 200lbs and a size 16.

It is from a phenomenon called gravity....

and how much you can suck you abs in....because don't know if anyone noticed but normal healthy, fluffy, obese, whatever a woman wants to call herself?  She still has bones.

(what? we still need humor and a good lookin guy in this vent....sue me)

Instead, focus on health, and strength (mental as well as physical) so that if any naive young men become infatuated with the 'impossible dream,' you can kick their ignorant ass with your healthy body.

Mamabear April - out.

Jan 8, 2014

Make Fat Cry with "Fat Amy"

I mentioned how I have been going overboard and working this January to the bones?

I'm sore as hell and want to just crawl into a hot tub and sleep there for the next 24hours.

I should be getting my Week2 video and schedule any second now from Betty Rocker, so I thought I'd share what I did this past week as our Week1.  The selling point of the challenge is that it is 100% equipment and gym free, so its all you!  all you need is a timer and a floor to lay on afterwards trying to catch your breath.

Let's work it! Betty Rocker Style

7 exercises of 1 minute duration each = 1 round
7minutes = 1 round
Goal is 3rounds per workout
3 workouts in 7 days.

  • Air jump rope
  • Plank, hands or elbows
  • Cross-cross squats (cross elbow to raised knee on each leg then a full squat)
  • Burpees  (you know all the trainers ganged up to torture us, right?)
  • Crescent kicks
  • Jumping jacks
  • Pushups

See how those pushups are last?
Makes it easier to just rollover and die after racing through these to better your time for the 'set' of 3rounds.

Day 1 was close to 25minutes
Day 2 23:30ish
Day 3? 22.14....that was some serious racing through the whole workout with barely any breaks other than changing positions.

My heartrate didn't fall below 100 for almost 40 minutes AFTER the workout.

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