Jan 7, 2014

2014 SPAM fun

Last year I randomly vented about my spam box and the variety of clutter I've had.

New year, so let's do it again, because we all know that the SPAM box is never empty.

  • Adriana has now been replaced by 'Jennifer' as the chick I met last year and she now wants to hook up, but I never return or reply to her messages.
  • EHarmony must be venturing into the Ashley*Madi$on arena because suddenly I'm who they are looking for. Yep, you heard it right! They are on the hunt for 37yr old married women with saggy skin and csection scars!  Let me know if this is you and I'll forward your email along!
  • If I am accepted into the EHarmony site, I'm sure I'll get a great deal on the 'anti-aging beauty secrets and products' and the Lasik that is being offered!  No really, who can pass up surgery on their corneas for the low price of $199 an eye!! Sign me up!
  • I guess if they don't work, I can always rely on the special supplement product that has been banned in the US that Dr. Oz didn't tell me about?  Yes, I need it to to 'make him want me.'  Well him and all the EHarmony people, right?
  • I can't decide, I have EHarmony wanting me to get my thrills with some local girls, but what about Adriana or Jennifer?  I guess the Christian and Jewish sites gave up on me when they realized who I was? No wait!! I'm going international now! Chinese site specially for me and my 'interests.'
  • Sad but true....Both Jenny Craig and Curves want me.  Ladies, this is why I don't post my picture online too often, I mean they start coming out of the wood work clammoring at me and my booty my wallet.   

I am the IT girl aren't I? I got singles from around the world wanting me, 
I got weightloss centers wanting me?  It is going to be an awesome year!


ps....anyone reading who needs coupons or a code to take up Ecigs or cheap ink for your printer, let me know!

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  1. LMAO you are a brave, brave, woman. I find it's best just to ignore my spam folder. Maybe one day I'll be brave like you and see what's in store for me. Maybe some Nigerian price is gonna give me his millions (after I send him a check first!) ;)


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