Jan 20, 2014

Blog Love: Denied

I have a confession ladies (and HJ if he happens to stalk along) I read so many of your blogs and then want to send my oh so witty comment or kudos your way and then I get blocked.

Work doesn't really like most of us playing around online, and they actually take pleasure in shutting us down in regards to 'connecting to people.' It isn't just your comment boxes, but it is often the schmancy purdy headers as well or have link embedded in an image.  
It really is luck of the draw if I can interact with certain blogs, unless if I'm at home on the Ipad or phone.

Google-plus people? 
yeah, I've tried but those pesky IT people block everything but the google landing page. 
They really must be anti-google.

Google Friend Connect?
same thing.

 yeah right!  All the giveaways and sweet stuff?  Phone with all sorts of windows open to hit all the media outlets.

 Okay, blocking this one may be a good idea, we all know that it literally is a time-suck and you'd find youself at 4pm sucking down that 8am cup of coffee and wondering where you day went other than the 200 new pins that were cute enough to pin but will never see the light of day in your house?  Okay, I'll give them that one.

I jump and smile when my phone does its whistle to tell me that one of you has left me some love!! I reply to everyone that I'm able to, and typically will follow you around to find where you land and read up. 
 Then I often get censored stuck and get limited in letting you know how awesome you are! 

So make sure you aren't a "no-reply" blogger and get your email set up in your profile 
so I can stalk, respond and follow you.


  1. I love SkinnyTaste and Kalyns Kitchen too! I tend to eat low carb when I can. Have you checked out Peace Love and Low Carb, Elanas Pantry, I Breathe I'm Hungry? They are great low carb sites also.

    Stephanie www.whatadventuresawait.blogspot.com

    1. I swear by SkinnyTaste! and yes, Elana's Pantry is in my binder at home as well. Love any source of lowcarb goodness!

      Thanks for mentioning the others, I will check them out!

  2. Yea, my work is weird with blocked stuff too. I can get to a lot but the adds are usually always "Denied" or blocked due to content and then I get put on a list... a naughty list. So I try to limit my blog looking/reading to my lunch break or at home. /sigh. It sucks!


I respond to all comments!! I love the interaction and feedback from each and everyone of you! Please check to make sure your email address is linked to your comment so I can reply :)

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