Jan 15, 2014

Making Fat Cry with "Fat Amy" - Week 2

Here's the deal, 100% honesty...

I thought Week1 was hard?  That was nothing on this week's schedule, for reals.

I failed.
Three times a week? More like one and a half. 
Apparently I'm not the badass I thought I was?  
Now that is hilarious! badass has never been uttered around me, 
unless it was fat-ass misunderstood.


Each activity is 1minute long
Full list of activities is 1 round
Each workout is at least 3 rounds.

Tuck Jumps
One Arm plants (legs apart, alternate arms 30sec each)
Plank mountain climbers
Handstand hold
Wall sit cross 1-2punches
Spiderman pushups (planks w/ side knees up to elbow)
Banana to superman rolls
Tricep dips

Hello??? Do you see what #4 was??

 You heard me people!

No, Amy is right...handstands aren't as bad as that, but I'm not a 16yr old cheerleader either.

I did the full schedule twice this past week, including the handstands once.  The second time I just didn't trust my wrists.

If anyone else wants to try it, just remember to let your legs fall slowly and don't stand immediately up, get lightheaded and then fall back into the wall while standing upright.

Don't do that.

Until next week I'll consider my 1.5 attempt a success.  I'm nervous if it was that hard for Week2, how am I going to die with Week3?

For now though since I'm still alive...I'll take Amy's take on it and call it a win.


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