Jan 24, 2014

Follow Through Friday #3

Another week?  Do you realize that January is pretty much over?? We only have one more Friday and then its the shortest and bestest month of the year. Why yes, it is the bestest! You didn't know?

1. I have my first public 5K of the 2014 year on 2/1.  (My January run was virtual)
2. It is LittleOne's birthday on the 11th
3. and then its my birthday on the 26th.

and then we turn it into March and my 3rd 5K of the year is on 3/1 with a neighborhood official 5K.

But before we move forward into February, we have to assume that January is going full-steam ahead?

So I'm again linking up with the fabulous-follow-through-crew, the FFTC.
Yeah, its Friday and I need some Dean attitude.

This week I kicked some bootay on the treadmill with mileage! and I feel so much better this week than the prior two, despite battling a sinus crud again.  I will gladly tolerate the 105*plus weather of Austin in August, but this cedar allergy season is for the birds.

This week?

Monday - sick day
Tuesday - 3.3miles + SeanT's RockinBody
Wednesday - 3.1miles + Insanity + Betty Rocker
Thursday - 2.25miles + Biceps and Shoulders + Betty Rocker
Friday - 3.1miles + Insanity Weights

Saturday will be off with the kidlets
Sunday I have already mapped out the 4miler near my parent's home just in case we end up staying the night there after our activities on Saturday. 

I have to admit the weekend runs are falling behind schedule, I typically run myself ragged during the week so that I can spend time with the kidlets and not have to wake up at o'dark-thirty to workout before they get up.  The weekends are potentially the only nights I get to sleep in my real bed (Hubs doesn't jive with the 4:15 alarm clock) and sleep in, which in the house is 6:45am with LittleOne.  So my long runs will take quite some planning, which either means I have to wake up early or *gasp* rely on someone else for the kidlets while I go?  That's a control thing of mine, I gotta figure that out.

So, everyone else still following-through on your resolutions, goals, mission statements, whatever you called it when the bells rang on 1/1??


  1. You are ROCKING IT! Weekend are rough on us all I think but hey, you deserve some downtime too! It's just as important as the exercise!
    Things are going along swimmingly here. Ready to start seeing some differences on the scale and I finally feel like I'm dropping some of the "fluff" that I found back in December! Just gotta keep on keeping on!

  2. I can't believe January is almost over, man it has flown by. I was looking at your fitness plan, what in the world is BETTY ROCKER?! I literally just laughed out loud! It sounds fun nonetheless!


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