Jan 10, 2014

Follow Thru Friday #1


If anyone joined me last year, I took Fridays as a summary day to recap my week of activity or lack of to join in the hoorah of me kicking my own ar$$ or if I just choked and ate enough Reeses for a small village.

But this year I'm hoping these girls can keep me on my toes because I'm too competitive excited to have people to encourage all of us on!

This week was the first week of the year and I'm sure everyone hit it just as hard as I did, I know I was feeling it early on the week and am looking forward to my 36hours of resting!ha!  Before this new push, I would take the weekends as my family and rest days....but with the idea of a half-marathon this year I am having to devote some weekend time for a longer run on the weekends.  We will see that goes next week!

But for this week, I'm sore....feel awesome, but sore.

Saturday - My Betty Rocker Challenge (on Instagram #makefatcrychallenge) 26minutes of cardio plus 2mile walk
Sunday - Betty Rocker Challenge 26minutes
Monday - 3.1 miles + P90X Plyo
Tuesday - Insanity Weights + 2miles (inclines) + stretch
Wednesday -30min of stair running (Insanity class was too full!)
Thursday - Weights + Zumba + AbRipper + BettyRocker Week2Day1
Friday - 3.1miles + Brazillian Butt video (scheduled at lunch today)

Where does that leave me with my running program?  I'm 3miles behind schedule already. Poo.  I am tempted to do some tonight or tomorrow. It was that darn doubled-up Monday with Plyo. My quads were sore as anything until Thursday!

Luckily the program has the same layout for miles next week, almost like a repeat of Week1.

Did anyone else make their fat cry?

or was it just me that you heard whimpering down the hall?


  1. Ah you can maybe sneak in an extra mile here and there to knock those 3 out!

  2. Yay for joining the link-up! What is the Brazilian Butt video? You've got me intrigued and I've recently discovered @jenselter on IG which has gotten me obsessed with making my booty poppin'. HAHA!

  3. Don't focus on what you couldnt get done... look at all you DID get done. You ROCKED this week!!

    Thanks for linking up!
    Camo & Lipstick

  4. Wow, girl, you're amazing!! You totally kicked this weeks butt!! Good job!! And really, while you're marathon training you need to cross train too. So, what you're doing is awesome!! You'll get your runs in, just ,ay need to cut something during the week out! Again, you're doing awesome!! And thanks for linking up!!

  5. You killed it!!!!! Thanks for linking up, doll.

  6. Thanks for linking up! I agree with Candra, don't focus on what didn't happen! You got so much done this week, be proud!

    1. Thanks Jacq!! You guys are right, I gotta get over my stubbornness about feeling the week was 'incomplete.'

      Get your email hooked up to your profile hon :)


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