Jan 17, 2014

Follow Thru Friday #2


Well lookie loo!
We are already linking up again with the #FTF crew! 
Its Friday, aka...fess up day.

I have to say this week has been difficult in a different way than last week.  Last week I was physically hurting and struggling with overextending myself, but this week I've got my workouts owned! but not the fuel part, the calories 'in' is where I'm struggling.

That's another post though where I'm going to need some help from friendly advice-giving folks, k?

Am I following through still? I mean January is already half-over, a lot of people have already gotten on and off this wagon.  But so far, I got this!
January 13 - 17
Monday: 3.3miles + T25 Cardio + T25 Abs
Tuesday: 2miles + LEGDAY + P90X chest and shoulders
Wednesday: 2.8miles elliptical + TaeBo + Betty RockerW2
Thursday: Arms/Chest day + Zumba + Betty RockerW3
Friday:  2miles + T25 Circuit

And tomorrow I am scheduled for a 4mile for the half-training.  This may be on Saturday or Sunday, whichever day it will be I will be running with Meg on my mind.  #megsmiles  If you are planning a run on Saturday, check around on FB or IG with #megsmiles to show your support for Meg, a stranger to me, but an avid runner who was struck by a drunk driver Monday morning while she was on her morning run.  I learned about it from The Texas Peach and then found the entire running community coming together for Meg across the country with the help of Facebook and Instagram.

Stay safe my friends!!

until Monday, I'm out!


  1. Way to kill it girl! Your workouts are legit! I bet you more than anything your food issue has to do with needing more fuel/refuel because of you killer workouts. It is early in the year and you will get the right balance figured out! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Good luck with your 4 mile! I was supposed to do 4 miles this past weekend but got sick. Awesome job! Thanks for linking up-- justjacq.com

    1. Thanks for visiting again! I skipped the scheduled 4miles last week, so I have to this weekend!

  3. Great job on the workout front! I dig Zumba too and try to go at least once or twice a week. A good instructor makes all the difference in the world!

    1. Thanks Stephanie! Yes I've had some eh instructors and others are really hard! This week was only 35min and we have newbies so it was light :/

  4. Nice job! I too am training for a half marathon, in June. I've never run a 5k, lol! I ran 5 miles this morning (granted on a treadmill) but feeling proud of that:) Love your blog by the way, your sense of humor cracks me up! I am going to start bloggin more about my training too, so you'll have to stop over sometime.

    1. Wow! I'm impressed! I've done about ten 5ks in the last six years. I am just now courageous enough to push for the half.

      Thanks for visiting!!

  5. Good Lawd! How long are these workouts?? You're killing it.

    That poor girl. I will certainly pray for her.


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