Jan 31, 2014

Follow thru Friday #4

Can you believe this month is already over? Do you know what this means? We have survivedan entire month still pushing along with our 2014 Resolutions/Missions/Goals whatever we called them.

I smiled tonight at dinner when I realized I haven't had a Diet Coke "since last year!" and truthfully I'm parched so much and chugging water so much I didn't miss it.

Alrighty, let's jump in with the details of my week with the #FTF Crew. A bunch of snazzy ladies who are all inspiring in their own ways! (Each week I've been rotating one of the girl's blogs! Check them out, they are so fun but all so different!)

Monday -3.5 miles + Betty Rocker
Tuesday - 2.2 miles **snow day
Wednesday - shoulders/back + Insanity Cardio
Thursday - legs and calves + Zumba
Friday - 2.10miles + biceps/triceps

And tomorrow I have an outdoor 5k that I signed up for. Looking forward to the fun of a group run for a change.

Anyone else still on plan or haven't broken your resolution?

eta: oopsie, posted too late for the official linkup! 
But you ladies know I'm plugging along and that's the important thing.


  1. Great job this week! I'm still chugging along since the New Year!

  2. I've totally broken some resolutions, but I'm hoping to get back on track after busy season is over!


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