Jan 1, 2014

Happy New Year

I had planned some lengthy end-of-year post, but time and focus abandoned me in the last two weeks. Not specifically to blogging or writing but also on me and my journey, it's like falling out of routine and my work schedule threw everything out the window.

I started this mission several years ago now and I have a little log of my end-of-year weights and measurements to stay on target that this isn't a day to day or even month to month journey, but a lifetime of maintenance and persistence.

I've joined two different challenge groups for the month of January with the hopes of competition to keep me on my toes :)
Coincidentally I needed my before stats for the challenges and I sure as hell better keep it up to show either a loss (preferred) or more improvement in my running and endurance or at least smaller thighs.

Let's all do 2014 the right way.

Running forward with a scale moving downward.


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