Jan 14, 2014

"In His Bag"

While Tuesdays are typically titled 'On the Table'....this week it is more appropriate as 'In his bag...' as in what I mealprepped for Hubs this week.

For the last two years I have faithfully packed my lunch at least 4days a week with a treat day on Fridays (not anymore!) while Hubs would randomly take a leftover dinner but more often than not would eat out for lunch.  That boy metabolism is convenient when he can pack it away....but not so convenient on the pocket book.

Around November he started to realize how much $$ was being spent on his lunches and how his body was reacting to eating out so often.  Insert the wonderful wife here.

It all started with him making a pot of lentils for himself (remember, he's the better cook between us!) and taking that for lunch three times a week.  Then I gently nudged him into adding a protein to round it out.....which evolved into 'sharing' my prepped salad to give him a full meal.

And now here we are with a full on meal prep Sunday for him in addition to my own.

So 'In his bag' this week?

Lemon Pepper chicken breasts
Roasted broccoli and onions / rotated with zucchini corn medley
Green salad / rotated with vinegar cucumbers
Brown rice

No need to share what was in 'my bag' since it is the same as always 
being a green salad with a rotation of turkey breast, tuna, or diced chicken.
but I took pictures of both of ours anyway to show our 'his and hers' this week.
I do routinely post Sunday #mealprep on Instagram if you want to join in, or better yet use the #mealprep or #mealprepping hashtags and get other great ideas for menu planning for your lunches.

Any other fabulous ideas for lunch prep out there?  Don't be selfish, share with me!

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  1. Hey where do you get those containers? They look ideal with the two pockets. Thanks for the info, if you can remember where you got them.
    Great job on packing the lunch! I love saving the money and the calories.


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