Jan 8, 2014

Make Fat Cry with "Fat Amy"

I mentioned how I have been going overboard and working this January to the bones?

I'm sore as hell and want to just crawl into a hot tub and sleep there for the next 24hours.

I should be getting my Week2 video and schedule any second now from Betty Rocker, so I thought I'd share what I did this past week as our Week1.  The selling point of the challenge is that it is 100% equipment and gym free, so its all you!  all you need is a timer and a floor to lay on afterwards trying to catch your breath.

Let's work it! Betty Rocker Style

7 exercises of 1 minute duration each = 1 round
7minutes = 1 round
Goal is 3rounds per workout
3 workouts in 7 days.

  • Air jump rope
  • Plank, hands or elbows
  • Cross-cross squats (cross elbow to raised knee on each leg then a full squat)
  • Burpees  (you know all the trainers ganged up to torture us, right?)
  • Crescent kicks
  • Jumping jacks
  • Pushups

See how those pushups are last?
Makes it easier to just rollover and die after racing through these to better your time for the 'set' of 3rounds.

Day 1 was close to 25minutes
Day 2 23:30ish
Day 3? 22.14....that was some serious racing through the whole workout with barely any breaks other than changing positions.

My heartrate didn't fall below 100 for almost 40 minutes AFTER the workout.


  1. Wow! This sounds TOUGH!!! I may get brave and have to try it for myself. You go girl!!!!

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