Jan 29, 2014

Making Fat Cry with "Fat Amy" - Week 3

Here we go again...
control yourself there Amy

Amy had to recover from Week2 and is late for the convo, so we are sharing Week3 that was due last week.

What can I say? It was my fault... it was Amy.
FatAmy was a slacker.

This week actually seemed easier for me than Week2, perhaps it was because I wasn't coughing up a lung and had a better attitude?  Nonetheless, Betty Rocker and the challenge is rocking along for me and I have every intention of doing the next one.  She hasn't killed me yet, and well its FREE.

Fat Amy?
Okay, she's ready and eager!

Each activity = 1 minute
Each series = 1 round
Goal = at least 3 rounds

Make Fat Cry Week 3
"Double Unders" / air rope with double circles
Walking planks (from hand to elbow and alternate arms)
One legged burpees (2xleg and switch)
Race Block starters (floor mountain climbers) 
"Frog Jumps" / power squats with a hop
"Get Ups" 30/30
Single Leg Vups
Pike Pushups

This week's activities were easier for me for some reason,
or I'm just becoming a badass like Amy?

  • The one legged burpees intimidated me at first until I practiced it, basically it is a one legged hop up with one legged pushup (I just stacked my ankles) in the normal burpee pattern.
  • I still struggle with my tailbone with jumping activities, so I did little bunny hops instead of frog jumps.  The squat form is more important than the size of the hop, so keep your booty and knees in the correct position.
  • "Get Ups" sounds odd, but I can't describe it better than Betty herself.  The video (sorry, not able to share it) has you holding a water bottle or something as your target and to keep your hands full and you are moving from a laying position to standing without the use of your hands.  If you could do burpees backwards, as in situps instead of pushups, and moving from laying to standing, then this is it.  It obviously is a slower transition, but it works your core really good! I did 30seconds with one arm as my focus and then changed arms for the other 30seconds.
  • The single leg 'Vups' are simply held crunches with alternating extended legs.

This week's activities were easier for me for some reason,
or I'm just becoming a badass like Amy?

Amy, wanna share our fun with some new friends?
The Hump Day Blog Hop

Hello there.

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  1. getups ARE THE BEST. i've managed to work up to holding 15lbs and it's not easy! totally works your entire body!

    Vodka and Soda


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