Jan 22, 2014

So What Wednesday - January

I haven't done a SWW yet this year since Fat Amy has been a Wednesday regular, I think we will start with that, won't we?

So what if I got myself sick again and haven't kept up with my BettyRocker challenge. It hasn't gone away, I'm just saving those routines up for a rainy day. Like a squirrel hoarding nuts for winter, or me hoarding chocolate in the tippy top shelf of the pantry behind a canister that nobody pays attention to. Yes like that.

So what if my dinner was a complete bomb last night? 
With the sinus meds I'm on nothing tastes right anyway. And the good mama that I am did offer to make peanut butter sandwiches for the kidlets afterwards but we all opted to just eat our veggies and no entree.

So what if I think I can self-medicate with last month's meds?

So what if I've been less than perfect and posted a swear word in yesterday's post.

So what if its only Wednesday and I'm already anxious for my Saturday plans?
Ha! The kids and I are heading to a birthday party at some Lego Robotics party place. 
Kiddo is stoked.

and so what if one of my Doctors doesn't match the others....after all,

No worries, Fat Amy will return for her scheduled venting.


  1. Replies
    1. Seems I was Doctor mood yesterday!

      Thanks for visiting Paula!


    Why in the world did my Tennant alert not notify me of this posting! Ack I'm so behind on my blog reading! But this just totally made my crappy day instantly better seeing a little bit of my favorite Doctor! (and as long as you didn't eat fish fingers and custard, I'm not telling on ya!)


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