Jan 9, 2014

Trending hoaxes and the media

Be warned, this may sound like your mom ranting, or at least a former obese woman ranting:

2013 and the "Thigh Gap"
and now in 2014 it is the "Bikini Bridge"

Both of which are completely ludricrous images and ideals for people and not at all measurements of 'health' or 'fitness'....yet the tabloids, Instagram, Facebook, and even mainstream news are mentioning it!?

Case in Point?
The Today article that prompted my frustration.

While the author does re-iterate that this new 'Bikini Bridge' is a hoax and deliberate media experiment...but the article themselves are subjects of the hoaxers ploy for coverage and Google hits.

That article? Was posted to the Today website at 1:48pm ET yesterday, I originally read the article about the hoax within 40 minutes of it being posted.   So to gauge how pervasive this issue is, I did a tag search on Instagram of it yesterday at 3:38pm/2:28pm ET...40minutes after the article.

#bikinibridge = 697
#bikinibridges = 18
#bikinibridge2014 = 6

And today? less than 24hours
#bikinibridge = 788
#bikinibridges = 23
#bikinibridge2014 = 29

See what you did there Today?
You egged this hoax on yourselves despite your best intentions of warning young women not to fall prey to the game. What did you expect by even bringing up the hoax or elaborating on it.  You've added more visuals to overcome for our ladies.

Here's the truth to any young naive men, and to impressionable young ladies:

I had stupid hip bones protuding out when I weighed 200lbs and a size 16.

It is from a phenomenon called gravity....

and how much you can suck you abs in....because don't know if anyone noticed but normal healthy, fluffy, obese, whatever a woman wants to call herself?  She still has bones.

(what? we still need humor and a good lookin guy in this vent....sue me)

Instead, focus on health, and strength (mental as well as physical) so that if any naive young men become infatuated with the 'impossible dream,' you can kick their ignorant ass with your healthy body.

Mamabear April - out.

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