Jan 13, 2014

Weekend regrets

Welcome back to the 2nd Monday of 2014!!

And the 2nd week1 for me.  Let me be honest, I know I worked my tail off last week between three different workout programs, and I did good with my eating plan for the week (more on that this week)...the scale didn't budge much but I felt good and non-bloated.

But then Saturday happens.

I started strong with my basic coffee and lowcarb breakfast of 1egg and 1piece of turkey bacon...with the full expectation to stick with plan like I had for the prior 10 days.  Then LittleOne and I head off to a birthday party, to which they had carbs food at my fingertips.  Following a 'Frozen' theme, she had a giant bowl of pretzels, marshmallows, and chocolate chips for the kids to make snowmen and custom decorated cookies.  Mini-sandwiches were the main food item, which was easy enough for both LittleOne and I to pick apart and eat the turkey by itself.  But then I noticed the 'adult table'....and I spied, no I smelled...my one vice other than chocolate.  There it was, a crockpot simmering with the gooey heaven that is illegal to not serve at any gathering....

The queso called to me.

Ruined...completely ruined by noon on Saturday.

I have to admit I think it was too much temptation after a gastro flareup that started on Thursday.  Saturday was the first day I felt well enough to eat food, and while the queso was nice to me....it wasn't worth it.

It is Monday, and I'm full of regret, but moving forward.

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  1. I LOVE QUESO! I can't ever turn it down. This week is a fresh start!


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