Feb 28, 2014

Friday linkup love for all....(F.T.F. #8)

If I can't write a decent post this week, or workout like I want to, the least I can do is point anyone in the direction of the awesome linkups that go on around these parts.

In addition to the regular linkup, there is special treat this week with Holly and Jake with their 'finish the sentence.'  I started and couldn't finish it myself without sounding like a grumpy old man, but they are hilarious to read along even if you don't join in the fun.

You can also find some random awesomeness with the Five on Friday linkup.  This is the linkup that makes me want to be more girly and shop more often, possibly decorate my house and all that good stuff.  But then the frugal crafty side of me comes out and says 'buy? no, I can make that.' and then of course it never happens.  I have craft ADHD lately.

But for accountability I will share my lackluster week as part of my Follow-Through-Friday group.

I feel like its a repeat from last week where I started so strong but by Wednesday it all went in the crapper. Granted this week included two doctor appointments and an afternoon to deal of financial appointments, I guess any workout is better than none.

Monday - 4.07miles + missed lunch class + 20min ab work
Tuesday - 3.5miles + RockinBody Cardio
Wednesday - no miles + Insanity
Thursday - lunch Zumba 30min class + 15min AbRipper
Friday - no miles + Brazillian Butt

So I have not logged any miles since my back to back Monday-Tuesday.  My goal was to do at least 3miles Monday through Thursday with Friday off because I have a 5K tomorrow.  But instead, I started flaring (IBS) on Tuesday night, likely due to the stress of my mom's surgery and life in general.

My food?  I'm struggling real bad. It is mental, but I'm at a loss as to why I am having zero progress in the regards to my weight or visual changes.  I'm following 90% of the rules 90% of the time.

Water? over 100oz a day, often 120oz on my harder running days
Protein? gotten my average up to 90grams a day, I know it is still low, but its getting better
Macros? I'm still a smidge over in my fat grams with my carbs still low.
Calories? Remember I have been trying to increase this to a healthier amount? This week's average even with bad indulgences on Wed and Thur is right at 1100 net calories.  Still too low I think.

And the scale hasn't budged. If anything its gone up.  Tuesday when I was at the doctor's office it was up 3lbs from my usual, but between the bloat and flare that started that night, I'm hoping it was my Visitor trying to make her appearance.  I'm not weighing myself regularly right now because of the mental game it is playing with me.

I think the last paragraph sums up the month of February for me.   So with a new month, comes a new attitude right?  I am going into tomorrow with a fresh slate and start to my half-training and with my calorie adjustments.

I promise that next week I will be my perky funny self again...

Feb 26, 2014

Listen to your mama...

Today has been a day of mixed emotions.

Today is my birthday. My 38th birthday.

And with this day comes a whirlwind of memories and anxiety.  Three years ago today, on my actual 35th birthday, I found myself on the receiving end of my first breast biopsy.  I had merely mentioned a small knot only 5 days prior and a whirlwind of activity began with sending my never-before-squished boobs for their inaugural squishing.  Which escalated into 'enhanced views' and then a 'talk' with the radiologist.  The knot I mentioned was not what they were concerned about, but the other side and the need for a biopsy was discussed and scheduled within 48hrs.

All in all, it was a tense and nerve-wracking week of anxiety and 'what-ifs' going through my mind, that came to pass when I got the all clear and explanation.

FYI - women who nurse their kidlets will no doubtedly end up with calcifications within the ducts and they show up on mammograms. If all those little calcifications are clustered near one another, then the radiology people get nervous.

I thought that anxiety was behind me, until about a week ago when my mom had to call and tell me she was having surgery on Feb 26th.  My now 38th birthday.


A cyst or lump was found that needed to be removed.  Whether it is benign or something more sinister, we do not know as of yet, but the doctors wanted it removed as it was growing faster than they like to see.  This normally wouldn't concern me (us) much as my mother has had about seven cysts/lumps removed in her adulthood, all being simple growths and benign in nature.

She called me last week and took that call to remind me to do my followup.  You see, the last two years my boobs weren't in a position for squishing between pregnancy, newborn care, and 22 months of nursing. So this year is the first opportunity I have to followup. And this year I will.  I called last week to get an appointment to obtain the work order.

That appointment was yesterday afternoon.
I went in for my mammogram work order, but walked out with not only that work order but an 'urgent' referral to a dermatologist for some suspect patches on my back.

'Not completely surprised,' says the pastey freckle faced redheaded Irish-blooded chick I am.

Awoke this morning to face the birthday-surgery-anniversary day and have been in a funk all day.

So I take this post to be the nagging mom in your life.

Go get your pastey-white, olive, black, brown, yellow, or purple skinned butts checked out.

and go get your squish on.

Feb 25, 2014

On The Table: A Turkey-tweaked Shepard's Pie

Sorry for bailing on my Monday post yesterday, it would have been a forced macro rundown and last week was a complete bust. Mentally and food wise, so I chalked it up to last week and have been pushing through and trying to get my groove back this week.

But I remembered that I took a picture a couple weeks ago of my random Shepard's Pie that was just awesome. Like better than any that I've made before!?  And the bonus was that it was totally thrown together and "healthified."  I make it a habit to make a large batch of mashed potatoes or rice whenever I'm cooking it, I try to make enough either for lunch prep or a second meal. This time it clicked to make a Shepard's pie.

Turkey-Tweaked Shepard's Pie

1 lb of ground turkey (I use 93%)
1 medium onion diced small
2 carrots diced
1/2 cup frozen peas thawed

cornstarch or other thickening agent
2 cups chicken stock
shredded colby jack cheese (or other favorite)
2 cups of mashed potatoes (packaged or homemade)

**Normal shepard's pie has tomato paste in the sauce, which I love....but we are having to reduce the amount of acid in our dinners for LittleOnes' and Hubs reflux issues. 

  • Go ahead and make fresh mashed potatoes like normal if you don't have some ready to roll or a package you like. You will need appox 2 cups of prepared mashed potatoes. Prepare and set aside
  • Saute onions and carrots until onions are softened.
  • add in ground turkey and brown thoroughly.
  • sprinkle 1tbsp corn starch onto meat and carrot mixture and stir to incorporate or coat the meat 
  • add 1cup of the stock and turn down to simmer. add more fluid if necessary to ensure the carrots are softened to your liking.  I don't add in the full 2cups to avoid making it too saucy.
  • when the carrots are "al dente" stir in the thawed peas and season with thyme, salt and pepper.
  • Pour the meat mixture into a corningware or oven safe casserole dish
  • Normal pie step: In the prepared mashed potatoes, mix in about 1/2 cup of preferred shredded cheese (this helps bind the topping together) and layer the mashed potatoes ontop of meat and top with smidge of cheese mostly for decor.
  • My alternate last time: I did not mix cheese into the potatoes, but instead laid deli baby swiss cheese slices ontop of the meat before the mashed potatoes. Added the smidge ontop for decor only.
Place in 400* oven for 20minutes or shorter if preferred. The sauce should bubble up around the edges or until the of potatoes get some light browning.

Remove and  let cool. Serve with a green veggie of your choosing and eat up!

Hubs had two servings and Kiddo called dibbs on leftovers the following night.

Feb 21, 2014

#7 isn't all that grand...#FTF

Check out all the cool kids with the FollowThroughFriday linkup! 
I'm still chugging along, and hoping their motivation is contagious 
because I feel like I need a kick in the pants still.

Darn emotional eating and slacker attitude creeping back around.

I've resisted as much as I thought I could, but weak moments happen, ya know?  
And I had an entire extra cookie cake still in the house from last week's party? 
Yeah, I have to admit to several "inch square sized" weak moments in the last two days at least.

I started strong, but feel my food ended up beyond repair for the week.

Week 7 (February 17-21)
Monday - bonus rest day (holiday) but I did hit 21K steps on my PolarLoop
Tuesday - 8.0miles (cycling) + Jillian weighted circuit + BettyRocker abs
Wednesday - 4.0miles (running) + TaeBo
Thursday - 2.0miles (running) + arms/chest
Friday - skipped run + Insanity

I am hoping to get some miles in this evening or tomorrow to make up for sleeping in today. No plans in the works around the house other than getting out of this funk and cleaning up the house.  I at least did get the cupcakes out, all my coworkers ended up sporting some plastic Dora rings by 10am.  And the cookie cake was gone by 11am today, I know who the peeps are by the purple tongue.

So there is no more temptation near me. This is a good thing.

I am already thinking of my food prep on Sunday and I'm going to push myself out of this funk. 

I'm inching closer and closer to registering for my next run, still timid because it is a solid 10miles. 

Freaking out about the idea of pushing it, but my running mentor is confident I can do it if I can get outside for a couple runs before the March 30th (the proposed 10miler) since I've gotten up to 8miles on the treadmill.  That means four weeks?

Alrighty, who's with me?  
I'm still trying here, but am probably only giving it about 70% of my normal 'can-do' attitude.
My goal for next week is to reach for 85%. ha.

Feb 20, 2014

A double victory (NSV)

I promised myself not to look at the scale, didn't I? 

Why isn't anyone stopping me? sigh.

I hate that number, I hate that it still affects me.

When in fact I am getting NSVs lately!? 

The science and logical brain of April, is like 'awesome! that's more important! ignore the stupid scale!'

But then the 38yrs-mind-warped-girly brain jumps in gets in the logical April's way.

But back to the original reason for today's post...a non-scale victory was made last week!  I got to visit Main Event Austin and goof off without the kids.  Just adult friends from work having some smack talk over crappy bowling scores and shooting each other in laser tag.  Luckily here in Austin we have a rockwall as well, and I challenged my friends to at least try the rockclimbing. 

The 32yr old tattoo biker guy? yeah no (seems the guy is scared of heights)

The 44yr old heavier woman? she tried and got halfway!!
The 33yr old average sized woman? Got up to the top once!! 

I was so proud of them for trying!!
This almost 38yr old now average/former obese woman? I was able to scale the walls a total of five times (reaching the top and ringing that cheesy bell) and loved how it made me feel being healthy and could kick that walls ar$$...I mean if a wall could have an ar$$, you know what I mean.

But the bonus NSV?

When I removed the harness I noticed what size it was.


(likely the only time I would ever qualify as an extra small at over 150lbs, but I'll take it!!)

Look for those small victories in the most random of events or routines, because last week's NSV let me smile through the weekend knowing that all the sweat and soreness IS WORTH IT.


Feb 19, 2014

A littlebit of April

Well hello there Wednesday, didn't we just have you?

The Hump Day Blog Hop

In case you missed the spectabulous news from yesterday?

 Seems Amy like to get around
"Fat Amy" and I guest posted over at Ashton's blog.

I thought today would make a great day to introduce myself or share some random useless information for any new friends (woo! the more the merrier at this partay!) to find out more about April, moi!

  • I can never go into politics since I wasn't born in the USA.  A born and bred Army brat sauerkraut (if you know the reference, then we are soul sisters!)
  • I work fulltime in an official job that makes me feel and sound like an old governmental fart, and I don't get to have 'Fat Amy' make any appearances IRL.
  • The kidlets are referenced by nicknames mostly because I get their names mixed up, no really...I think I need ginko biloba or whatever they suggest for memory loss.
  • I have a birthday later this month and am in denial, as you can see by the above reference to being and old fart and having memory loss. yippee skippy.
  • Before my exercise/health lifestyle change, I had a craft blog for baby related things and purses. Now? Haven't touched my sewing machine in 3years since LittleOne was born and realized my butt was only getting bigger by sitting down and guilt would get the best of me that my time would be better spent on the treadmill.
  • The life of my treadmill is questionable and I'm already mourning its potential demise.  We bought it 2003 with our first house, it was used for all of four months when I got pregnant in October and well it collected dust and was moved twice with said dust until 2006 when I dusted it and opened it up for real.  No worries, I'm not supermom, it got dusty again from 2009 to 2012 pretty much (car accident and pregnancy) So if my math is correct, it is already over 10years old, but in actuality was ignored for maybe 5 years combined? Is that 45years in treadmill years like a dog? or cat?
  • I ramble on and despite the college edumacation (Univ of Texas San Antonio), I somehow use a lot of ellipses...and run on sentences. Much like I talk, but without the eyerolling and dead-pan face for sarcastic effect.

So to all my friends, new and old...never forget:

Feb 18, 2014

Weekend of gluttony...

I'm such a slacker aren't I?  Monday is a holiday from work and I end up taking it as a holiday from the blog? Shame on me.

It was a rough, very busy weekend and yesterday was my Sunday with errands and meal prep all day long, so the idea of blogging was way down on the list.  Alright, the truth is that yesterday my body was taken over by some evil-sabotaging-April and totally snacked and ate food like there was no tomorrow. Diet? healthy choices? psshaw, this evil alien just wrecked weeks of hard work.

The quick and dirty cause? 
Saturday was LittleOne's birthday party, a party where the bakery accidentally made two cookie cakes claiming that I ordered two full size cookie cakes for my party of 5 kids. 

Result? An entire 15inch sugar cookie cake in my house.

And then? In honor of LittleOne's birthday, a family friend brought 4 dozen cupcakes for her friends.  He also didn't realize that I was throwing a party for FIVE girls, not 45 girls.

Result? Even after forcing every parent to take cupcakes home with them, 
and me leaving a dozen at the dance studio, I have two dozen cupcakes in my house.

Then on Sunday?  LittleOne asked Gramma to take her to Whataburger for lunch, and she obliged.  If you aren't in Texas then you are lucky, because one cannot go to Whataburger and show restraint.

 Yes I ate one, and not the Junior sized one.

Obviously I am in carb detox today.


Feb 14, 2014

Follow-Thru-Friday #6

Hooking up with my chicas again!! I rotate who is directly linked each week, so pop over and you can find the whole list of us who are trying to stay accountable!

If you've read along this week, it has been quite the doozy emotionally.  I've been in a royal craptastic mood and days/weeks like this make it so hard to stay on track and keep going with the right decisions.  I must confess, some emotional chocolate eating did happen.  Not excessive, and I kept it in check....but it did happen.

With wonky schedules again, my workouts have faltered slightly and I'm behind on my weekly miles.  I have a rather busy weekend ahead and likely won't get my long run until Monday which is technically 'next' week, but its a holiday. Yeah, that's my plan.  

Now I've typed it, so it will happen (it has to, its on the internet and 
everything ever said/typed on the internet is bible-certified truth, right?)

February 8 - February 14

*Saturday (because I failed to blog about it!!) Longest run to date: 8miles!!!!
Monday -2.5miles + Insanity + BettyRocker bonus
Tuesday - 1.5miles (incline) + Legs
Wednesday - Chest/Arm day + Hips Buns + Thighs (ShaunT)
Thursday - 3.1miles (New PR!!! 28:42) + Zumba
Friday - LegDay + bowling and rockclimbing this afternoon

I have LittleOne's 3rd birthday party tomorrow and then a banquet for Hubs in the evening. So I have a solid weekend, or at least the next 36hours of activities to keep me moving and groovin, just gotta keep the snacking in control.  I expect to have a shaker with me while I do the party setup. ha.

Here's hoping to a more solid next week!!!
(physical and mental health wise)

Have a great weekend everyone.

Feb 13, 2014

All for a bagel...

I haven't spent much time on here about our food issues in the household other than vague references to my personal sensitivities due to IBS and the basic information that my 3yr old daughter has soy allergies and we are lactose intolerant.


Today's post is not meant to be a vent, and hopefully is simply a message of awareness to not only the daycare we attend, but to others who may encounter this type of allergy or allergic reaction. Soy is not a rare allergy, it is in the top 8 allergens worldwide, however most patients outgrow this allergy between the ages of 2 and 10years.  My daughter's allergy was not identified or found until 2 months after her 2nd birthday. 
*Before anyone chimes in, this was not in response to formula, soy or otherwise, as she was 100% breastfed for the most of the first two years of life.

As of today her 'off limits' list still includes:
Soy products
Pork (religious) 
excessive acids (orange juice, tomatoes) *reflux issues

Why share this message now? 
You see, despite our daycare being well recognized and respected and have long term employees, they have had two slipups in the last ten days and given LittleOne soy products.  A new afternoon teacher, but really there is no excuse when it comes to food allergies.

Not all allergic reactions are as obvious or dangerous as the anaphylactic reaction people have come to associate with bug bites and peanut allergies.  My daughter's reactions are gastrointestinal.  Her cheeks get flushed and she gets abdominal cramping and pain until her body gets rid of the contaminant.  I don't need to spell it out, but its not pretty and it hurts.

We managed through the night and she is still 'pinky' this morning (what we call her cheeks when she's flaring) so she will likely still have some trouble this morning at school.

All for half of a whole wheat bagel.

An allergic reaction of any sort is not fun.

While the layperson simply associates 'anaphylactic shock' and reactions with serious allergies, reactions of any sort are painful for the sufferer and heartbreaking to watch and manage as a parent. My daughter may be the sufferer, but realize that whatever pain your child goes through, as a parent it feels even worse.

 Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE)
The Mayo Clinic

Feb 12, 2014

So What Wednesday

I think today of all days is perfect for a "SoWhat" visit to Life After I Dew, I know I need the distraction! Not that I don't have a pile of work that needs to be dealt with, but I'm in a mood.

"So What" that my scheduled Tuesday menu post failed to post. A post that I purposely scheduled because of Tuesday's schedule.....

"So What" if I made bad decisions all day yesterday a jackedup schedule with LittleOne's doctor appointment interfering with breakfast, and then a hair appointment interfering with lunch.
Result?  A lunch of a starbucks coffee and a Payday candy bar from Target at 3:45pm.

Which all leads to the stupid "So What" that I actually weighed myself this morning after a crapalicious Tuesday eating schedule that included dinner of carbs (Vegetarian Crockpot Red Beans and Rice) with the justification of a 4mile run scheduled, oh wait..see below.

"So What" if I, April, Miss Perfectly Punctual actually slept through THREE different alarms this morning.  I do recall the 4:09am alarm and 'snoozing' it, but then I randomlly woke up at 5:55 a mere 5 minutes prior to needing to get the kids routine started.  My previously perfect history also impacted Kiddo as he woke up with his 5:45 alarm and found the house dark, so he assumed it was another snow delay day. 

"So What" if I forgot that the 'fuel' light came on when returning home last night and since I had a change in my morning plans (see above) I failed to get gas enroute between the house and gym, therefore we had to get gas enroute from house to daycare and wasting approximately 5minutes of precious Austin commuting time.

To sum it up.

Its Wednesday and the last 24hours has been beyond crapalicious and I want a do-over.

Feb 10, 2014

Monday with my macros

I had a very nice long detailed post that broke down my "calorie intake" improvements.

But then I realized it was highly geeky and a slew of numbers that would turn off anyone who ventured into the blog like on a 'Fat Amy' day and shocked by the nerdness they found.

(no worries....Nerds rule the world)

Last week I found a protein powder that decently liked my body, or the reverse....whatever the case, I'll take it!  And so my protein quest began on Tuesday.  Per instructions I drank it quickly after my morning workout.  I normally work out 4:30-5:30am and don't eat any food until close to 9am.  Don't know why, just that is when I'm finally hungry enough to eat.  But this is about changes, right?  So I chugged the shake down and then carpooled into work with Hubs.  About 30minutes into the drive I started feeling alittle 'off' and my heartrate picked up.  I tolerated it and skipped coffee when I got to work and just hit the water to settle down and just in case my stomach didn't respond well.

1scoop vanilla w 1tsp PB2 w/ 6-8oz water

Luckily things were managed, and I didn't have any stomach issues.....simply the 'flutter-high' that I suspect is due to the green coffee bean extract in the shake? 200mg of caffiene?  Perhaps because I chugged it?  Don't know, but that was the only incident of it.  Wednesday I waited until 8am at work to drink it after calming down from my workout fully and haven't had any side effects since then.

Protein intake in grams:
Monday - 78
Tuesday - 100
Wednesday - 122
Thursday - 84
Friday - 100
Average: 96.8!!! 

So this week's goal is to hit that 100gram mark four days this week.

I looked back into January before I started trying different proteins and my weekly average was only 54grams.

The best part of last week?
I felt great! So much more energy!

Feb 7, 2014

Follow-thru-Friday #5

If it didn't make me sound like a stalker, creeper...I think I'm loving all these ladies more and more every week.  So instead, I'll say that anyone else should check them out and the fun linkup we've had going on since the new year.

My week has been all over the place, but I've tried to do what I can.  When the week started, I knew that I was going to be short on my normal workouts due to training at a different location for three days of the week.  Because I knew my activity was going to be limited I knew I'd have to be meticulous about my intake, which coincidentally has been a hard adjustment with my newer macros.

Monday - 4.0 miles!!! + HipHopAbs 
Tuesday - 2.0 miles + shoulders/back
Wednesday - 1.0 miles + bupkiss due to training. Since I noticed at 4pm that I had barely 5k steps, I did stairs at the training facility until I hit 10K and my ride showed up.
Thursday - *ice delay, so my day was off to a bad start from the getgo.  The entire day only logged like 7500steps.
Friday - *snow day* I plan to put on a Jillian video to get something, anything!

I will update on my macro adjustments and diet on Monday.  I need to survive the weekend (and snow day) with the kidlets with their insane metabolisms and chronic grazing in the pantry. 

Enjoy the weekend everyone! 

Feb 5, 2014

Making Fat Cry with "Fat Amy" - Week 4

She's back for the 4th and final week of the Betty Rocker Challenge!!
The last week of January was the final challenge week and it was a doozy!

Betty Rocker Challenge: #MakeFatCry
Each Activity - 1 minute
Series of Activities - 1 round
Goal - 3 rounds

Week 4 Activities
  1.  Jump Squat Cross-Cross (knees to elbows)
  2. Pushup Jacks 
  3. Crescent kick Left-Right then punch cross-cross
  4. One arm Burpee
  5. Balance Planks
  6. Single Leg Raise reverse
  7. Donkey calf raises
  8. Straight Leg Circles

A little dramatic aren't we, Amy?

It looks worse typed out than it really was, I promise!

  1. Jump to squat down then your cross-cross from Week1. Gotta add in the plyometrics
  2. Pushup, legs open for jack, pushup, legs close, pushup, etc.
  3. left kick, right kick then tae-bo it up and cross 1-2
  4. No way to soften this one, its a burpee and just do the pushup with one arm, I alternated arms and obviously took longer than a regular two armed two legged burpee.
  5. Plank, stretch out right arm and left leg (opposites) and hold it 30seconds and switch.
  6. Simply a back straight kick, don't bend the knee (all ladies know this one, its the booty lifting kick, you know it)
  7. Standing calf raises, or in girly terms...rise up on your tippy toes and feel the burn in your calves
  8. On your back, keeping legs together move them in a circular motion.  Keep em moving, I also pulled my shoulder blades off the floor for some bonus ab crunch because I'm a glutton for punishment.

So Amy and I both survived Betty Rocker.
Now Amy, don't get cocky....it did kick our arsses and we did 
modify as any sane former fluffy person would need to.

That's more like it Amy.

Now let us go and make some new friends, k?

The Hump Day Blog Hop

Feb 4, 2014

On The Table: Feb 3-7 Menu

I don't have anything fresh and exciting to share as a recipe lately.  I've been just focusing on protein-green-carb(for the boys) rinse and repeat.

But I forgot how much I take from reading others menu plans or what another families routines or usual meals are.  So while I can't promise to do a recipe every week, I do share alittle bit about our food plans one way or another.

Dinner menu
Monday - Korean braised beef short ribs with green beans and mashed potatoes (Hubs cooking night)
Tuesday - Green-Chili Chicken Enchiladas and green salad
Wednesday - fish foil pockets with roasted zucchini corn
Thursday - Moroccan kifta (seasoned meatballs grilled) with cucumber salad and lentils
Friday - breakfast for dinner (typically egg tacos)

"In His Bag" 
JalapeƱo chicken breasts with roasted mushrooms and red potatoes. 
Brown rice and a green salad.

What is 'on your table' this week?

Feb 3, 2014

The Calorie-Counting game

(followup to last week's confession)

I have food issues, not mental, but real physical issues thanks to the genetic lottery I won.  Food sensitivities, allergies, IBS, you name it, it doesn't help.

Thanks parentals.

Last week I 'fessed up' to knowing that I wasn't eating enough or the right balance with my level of activity.  I received several supportive comments and private emails with some genuine good suggestions and advice, thank you all!!!

Today is my new Day1 with a tweaked and hopefully improved macros based on the input and research I did this past week.  I've been making the rounds at bodybuilding.com , iifym.com , myrebody.com among others.

In this quest we call our 'journey' and for commiserating or input I am sharing my first phase of improvement:

Old routine:
Gross calorie goal: 1200 gross carbs (before working out )
Total carb goal: less than 50g carbs a day. 
I would eat back at most 25% of any activity calories.

February attempted changes:
Gross calorie goal: 1600
Total carb goal: 125g
Total protein: 155g

For my documentation here is what I've learned:
TDEE: 2111
BMR: 1401
For fat loss (moderate): 1689

I know I listed it as 1600, because lets face it...I can't jump up and add almost 500calories overnight. Okay, well I could if I want it to be in the form of chocolate or queso? Can't we all?  but not solid good healthy calories is what is my goal, right. Yes, healthy balanced caloric intake. #mustresistbadstuff

Moving from 40g carbs to 125g is going to be a gradual process because I have to mentally prepare for some adjustment issues and potential bloating/issues from my gastro chaos.

So I (and you) have been warned.
I'm likely to gain some weight in the beginning, but I'm going to avoid the scale as much as possible to prevent me from freaking the frick out and abandoning carbs again.

I'm likely to vent and whine a bit, so people: be gentle.

If anyone has experience with micromanaging their intake and macros, I can open up my diary on MFP for any feedback!

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