Feb 19, 2014

A littlebit of April

Well hello there Wednesday, didn't we just have you?

The Hump Day Blog Hop

In case you missed the spectabulous news from yesterday?

 Seems Amy like to get around
"Fat Amy" and I guest posted over at Ashton's blog.

I thought today would make a great day to introduce myself or share some random useless information for any new friends (woo! the more the merrier at this partay!) to find out more about April, moi!

  • I can never go into politics since I wasn't born in the USA.  A born and bred Army brat sauerkraut (if you know the reference, then we are soul sisters!)
  • I work fulltime in an official job that makes me feel and sound like an old governmental fart, and I don't get to have 'Fat Amy' make any appearances IRL.
  • The kidlets are referenced by nicknames mostly because I get their names mixed up, no really...I think I need ginko biloba or whatever they suggest for memory loss.
  • I have a birthday later this month and am in denial, as you can see by the above reference to being and old fart and having memory loss. yippee skippy.
  • Before my exercise/health lifestyle change, I had a craft blog for baby related things and purses. Now? Haven't touched my sewing machine in 3years since LittleOne was born and realized my butt was only getting bigger by sitting down and guilt would get the best of me that my time would be better spent on the treadmill.
  • The life of my treadmill is questionable and I'm already mourning its potential demise.  We bought it 2003 with our first house, it was used for all of four months when I got pregnant in October and well it collected dust and was moved twice with said dust until 2006 when I dusted it and opened it up for real.  No worries, I'm not supermom, it got dusty again from 2009 to 2012 pretty much (car accident and pregnancy) So if my math is correct, it is already over 10years old, but in actuality was ignored for maybe 5 years combined? Is that 45years in treadmill years like a dog? or cat?
  • I ramble on and despite the college edumacation (Univ of Texas San Antonio), I somehow use a lot of ellipses...and run on sentences. Much like I talk, but without the eyerolling and dead-pan face for sarcastic effect.

So to all my friends, new and old...never forget:

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