Feb 13, 2014

All for a bagel...

I haven't spent much time on here about our food issues in the household other than vague references to my personal sensitivities due to IBS and the basic information that my 3yr old daughter has soy allergies and we are lactose intolerant.


Today's post is not meant to be a vent, and hopefully is simply a message of awareness to not only the daycare we attend, but to others who may encounter this type of allergy or allergic reaction. Soy is not a rare allergy, it is in the top 8 allergens worldwide, however most patients outgrow this allergy between the ages of 2 and 10years.  My daughter's allergy was not identified or found until 2 months after her 2nd birthday. 
*Before anyone chimes in, this was not in response to formula, soy or otherwise, as she was 100% breastfed for the most of the first two years of life.

As of today her 'off limits' list still includes:
Soy products
Pork (religious) 
excessive acids (orange juice, tomatoes) *reflux issues

Why share this message now? 
You see, despite our daycare being well recognized and respected and have long term employees, they have had two slipups in the last ten days and given LittleOne soy products.  A new afternoon teacher, but really there is no excuse when it comes to food allergies.

Not all allergic reactions are as obvious or dangerous as the anaphylactic reaction people have come to associate with bug bites and peanut allergies.  My daughter's reactions are gastrointestinal.  Her cheeks get flushed and she gets abdominal cramping and pain until her body gets rid of the contaminant.  I don't need to spell it out, but its not pretty and it hurts.

We managed through the night and she is still 'pinky' this morning (what we call her cheeks when she's flaring) so she will likely still have some trouble this morning at school.

All for half of a whole wheat bagel.

An allergic reaction of any sort is not fun.

While the layperson simply associates 'anaphylactic shock' and reactions with serious allergies, reactions of any sort are painful for the sufferer and heartbreaking to watch and manage as a parent. My daughter may be the sufferer, but realize that whatever pain your child goes through, as a parent it feels even worse.

 Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE)
The Mayo Clinic


  1. Oh no, poor thing! Having to watch your child go through any kind of pain or discomfort, is the worst! On the bright side, now you know one more thing to add to your list...?

  2. I feel your pain...my oldest daughter has a soy and peanut allergy. The soy usually just causes severe excema on her arms, but this week she's had 2 nights in a row of severe abdominal pain. Come to find out she had tried a couple Girl Scout cookies which didn't make her itch, so she thought she was good. No go, poor kid...Hope your little one is better!

    1. Thanks Cara, my daughter's excema is out of control as well, its been so long that I forget to even associate it with her food issues.
      So sorry to about your daughter's slipup, I keep hoping it gets easier as they older :(

      (Thanks for visiting!!)


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