Feb 7, 2014

Follow-thru-Friday #5

If it didn't make me sound like a stalker, creeper...I think I'm loving all these ladies more and more every week.  So instead, I'll say that anyone else should check them out and the fun linkup we've had going on since the new year.

My week has been all over the place, but I've tried to do what I can.  When the week started, I knew that I was going to be short on my normal workouts due to training at a different location for three days of the week.  Because I knew my activity was going to be limited I knew I'd have to be meticulous about my intake, which coincidentally has been a hard adjustment with my newer macros.

Monday - 4.0 miles!!! + HipHopAbs 
Tuesday - 2.0 miles + shoulders/back
Wednesday - 1.0 miles + bupkiss due to training. Since I noticed at 4pm that I had barely 5k steps, I did stairs at the training facility until I hit 10K and my ride showed up.
Thursday - *ice delay, so my day was off to a bad start from the getgo.  The entire day only logged like 7500steps.
Friday - *snow day* I plan to put on a Jillian video to get something, anything!

I will update on my macro adjustments and diet on Monday.  I need to survive the weekend (and snow day) with the kidlets with their insane metabolisms and chronic grazing in the pantry. 

Enjoy the weekend everyone! 

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