Feb 14, 2014

Follow-Thru-Friday #6

Hooking up with my chicas again!! I rotate who is directly linked each week, so pop over and you can find the whole list of us who are trying to stay accountable!

If you've read along this week, it has been quite the doozy emotionally.  I've been in a royal craptastic mood and days/weeks like this make it so hard to stay on track and keep going with the right decisions.  I must confess, some emotional chocolate eating did happen.  Not excessive, and I kept it in check....but it did happen.

With wonky schedules again, my workouts have faltered slightly and I'm behind on my weekly miles.  I have a rather busy weekend ahead and likely won't get my long run until Monday which is technically 'next' week, but its a holiday. Yeah, that's my plan.  

Now I've typed it, so it will happen (it has to, its on the internet and 
everything ever said/typed on the internet is bible-certified truth, right?)

February 8 - February 14

*Saturday (because I failed to blog about it!!) Longest run to date: 8miles!!!!
Monday -2.5miles + Insanity + BettyRocker bonus
Tuesday - 1.5miles (incline) + Legs
Wednesday - Chest/Arm day + Hips Buns + Thighs (ShaunT)
Thursday - 3.1miles (New PR!!! 28:42) + Zumba
Friday - LegDay + bowling and rockclimbing this afternoon

I have LittleOne's 3rd birthday party tomorrow and then a banquet for Hubs in the evening. So I have a solid weekend, or at least the next 36hours of activities to keep me moving and groovin, just gotta keep the snacking in control.  I expect to have a shaker with me while I do the party setup. ha.

Here's hoping to a more solid next week!!!
(physical and mental health wise)

Have a great weekend everyone.

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  1. Great job! And yes...internet = absolute truth! :-)


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