Feb 28, 2014

Friday linkup love for all....(F.T.F. #8)

If I can't write a decent post this week, or workout like I want to, the least I can do is point anyone in the direction of the awesome linkups that go on around these parts.

In addition to the regular linkup, there is special treat this week with Holly and Jake with their 'finish the sentence.'  I started and couldn't finish it myself without sounding like a grumpy old man, but they are hilarious to read along even if you don't join in the fun.

You can also find some random awesomeness with the Five on Friday linkup.  This is the linkup that makes me want to be more girly and shop more often, possibly decorate my house and all that good stuff.  But then the frugal crafty side of me comes out and says 'buy? no, I can make that.' and then of course it never happens.  I have craft ADHD lately.

But for accountability I will share my lackluster week as part of my Follow-Through-Friday group.

I feel like its a repeat from last week where I started so strong but by Wednesday it all went in the crapper. Granted this week included two doctor appointments and an afternoon to deal of financial appointments, I guess any workout is better than none.

Monday - 4.07miles + missed lunch class + 20min ab work
Tuesday - 3.5miles + RockinBody Cardio
Wednesday - no miles + Insanity
Thursday - lunch Zumba 30min class + 15min AbRipper
Friday - no miles + Brazillian Butt

So I have not logged any miles since my back to back Monday-Tuesday.  My goal was to do at least 3miles Monday through Thursday with Friday off because I have a 5K tomorrow.  But instead, I started flaring (IBS) on Tuesday night, likely due to the stress of my mom's surgery and life in general.

My food?  I'm struggling real bad. It is mental, but I'm at a loss as to why I am having zero progress in the regards to my weight or visual changes.  I'm following 90% of the rules 90% of the time.

Water? over 100oz a day, often 120oz on my harder running days
Protein? gotten my average up to 90grams a day, I know it is still low, but its getting better
Macros? I'm still a smidge over in my fat grams with my carbs still low.
Calories? Remember I have been trying to increase this to a healthier amount? This week's average even with bad indulgences on Wed and Thur is right at 1100 net calories.  Still too low I think.

And the scale hasn't budged. If anything its gone up.  Tuesday when I was at the doctor's office it was up 3lbs from my usual, but between the bloat and flare that started that night, I'm hoping it was my Visitor trying to make her appearance.  I'm not weighing myself regularly right now because of the mental game it is playing with me.

I think the last paragraph sums up the month of February for me.   So with a new month, comes a new attitude right?  I am going into tomorrow with a fresh slate and start to my half-training and with my calorie adjustments.

I promise that next week I will be my perky funny self again...


  1. I cannot for the life of my get my calories up and keep my carbs down :( I have been way under calories and it sucks. I also haven't stepped on a scale in a while and I am dreading it on Saturday.

  2. I never trust the scale at the doctor's office! It's always a depressingly higher number!


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