Feb 5, 2014

Making Fat Cry with "Fat Amy" - Week 4

She's back for the 4th and final week of the Betty Rocker Challenge!!
The last week of January was the final challenge week and it was a doozy!

Betty Rocker Challenge: #MakeFatCry
Each Activity - 1 minute
Series of Activities - 1 round
Goal - 3 rounds

Week 4 Activities
  1.  Jump Squat Cross-Cross (knees to elbows)
  2. Pushup Jacks 
  3. Crescent kick Left-Right then punch cross-cross
  4. One arm Burpee
  5. Balance Planks
  6. Single Leg Raise reverse
  7. Donkey calf raises
  8. Straight Leg Circles

A little dramatic aren't we, Amy?

It looks worse typed out than it really was, I promise!

  1. Jump to squat down then your cross-cross from Week1. Gotta add in the plyometrics
  2. Pushup, legs open for jack, pushup, legs close, pushup, etc.
  3. left kick, right kick then tae-bo it up and cross 1-2
  4. No way to soften this one, its a burpee and just do the pushup with one arm, I alternated arms and obviously took longer than a regular two armed two legged burpee.
  5. Plank, stretch out right arm and left leg (opposites) and hold it 30seconds and switch.
  6. Simply a back straight kick, don't bend the knee (all ladies know this one, its the booty lifting kick, you know it)
  7. Standing calf raises, or in girly terms...rise up on your tippy toes and feel the burn in your calves
  8. On your back, keeping legs together move them in a circular motion.  Keep em moving, I also pulled my shoulder blades off the floor for some bonus ab crunch because I'm a glutton for punishment.

So Amy and I both survived Betty Rocker.
Now Amy, don't get cocky....it did kick our arsses and we did 
modify as any sane former fluffy person would need to.

That's more like it Amy.

Now let us go and make some new friends, k?

The Hump Day Blog Hop

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