Feb 10, 2014

Monday with my macros

I had a very nice long detailed post that broke down my "calorie intake" improvements.

But then I realized it was highly geeky and a slew of numbers that would turn off anyone who ventured into the blog like on a 'Fat Amy' day and shocked by the nerdness they found.

(no worries....Nerds rule the world)

Last week I found a protein powder that decently liked my body, or the reverse....whatever the case, I'll take it!  And so my protein quest began on Tuesday.  Per instructions I drank it quickly after my morning workout.  I normally work out 4:30-5:30am and don't eat any food until close to 9am.  Don't know why, just that is when I'm finally hungry enough to eat.  But this is about changes, right?  So I chugged the shake down and then carpooled into work with Hubs.  About 30minutes into the drive I started feeling alittle 'off' and my heartrate picked up.  I tolerated it and skipped coffee when I got to work and just hit the water to settle down and just in case my stomach didn't respond well.

1scoop vanilla w 1tsp PB2 w/ 6-8oz water

Luckily things were managed, and I didn't have any stomach issues.....simply the 'flutter-high' that I suspect is due to the green coffee bean extract in the shake? 200mg of caffiene?  Perhaps because I chugged it?  Don't know, but that was the only incident of it.  Wednesday I waited until 8am at work to drink it after calming down from my workout fully and haven't had any side effects since then.

Protein intake in grams:
Monday - 78
Tuesday - 100
Wednesday - 122
Thursday - 84
Friday - 100
Average: 96.8!!! 

So this week's goal is to hit that 100gram mark four days this week.

I looked back into January before I started trying different proteins and my weekly average was only 54grams.

The best part of last week?
I felt great! So much more energy!

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  1. Very nice with the difference in just the protein! I probably need to do a bit better with that as well.


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