Feb 4, 2014

On The Table: Feb 3-7 Menu

I don't have anything fresh and exciting to share as a recipe lately.  I've been just focusing on protein-green-carb(for the boys) rinse and repeat.

But I forgot how much I take from reading others menu plans or what another families routines or usual meals are.  So while I can't promise to do a recipe every week, I do share alittle bit about our food plans one way or another.

Dinner menu
Monday - Korean braised beef short ribs with green beans and mashed potatoes (Hubs cooking night)
Tuesday - Green-Chili Chicken Enchiladas and green salad
Wednesday - fish foil pockets with roasted zucchini corn
Thursday - Moroccan kifta (seasoned meatballs grilled) with cucumber salad and lentils
Friday - breakfast for dinner (typically egg tacos)

"In His Bag" 
Jalapeño chicken breasts with roasted mushrooms and red potatoes. 
Brown rice and a green salad.

What is 'on your table' this week?

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