Feb 3, 2014

The Calorie-Counting game

(followup to last week's confession)

I have food issues, not mental, but real physical issues thanks to the genetic lottery I won.  Food sensitivities, allergies, IBS, you name it, it doesn't help.

Thanks parentals.

Last week I 'fessed up' to knowing that I wasn't eating enough or the right balance with my level of activity.  I received several supportive comments and private emails with some genuine good suggestions and advice, thank you all!!!

Today is my new Day1 with a tweaked and hopefully improved macros based on the input and research I did this past week.  I've been making the rounds at bodybuilding.com , iifym.com , myrebody.com among others.

In this quest we call our 'journey' and for commiserating or input I am sharing my first phase of improvement:

Old routine:
Gross calorie goal: 1200 gross carbs (before working out )
Total carb goal: less than 50g carbs a day. 
I would eat back at most 25% of any activity calories.

February attempted changes:
Gross calorie goal: 1600
Total carb goal: 125g
Total protein: 155g

For my documentation here is what I've learned:
TDEE: 2111
BMR: 1401
For fat loss (moderate): 1689

I know I listed it as 1600, because lets face it...I can't jump up and add almost 500calories overnight. Okay, well I could if I want it to be in the form of chocolate or queso? Can't we all?  but not solid good healthy calories is what is my goal, right. Yes, healthy balanced caloric intake. #mustresistbadstuff

Moving from 40g carbs to 125g is going to be a gradual process because I have to mentally prepare for some adjustment issues and potential bloating/issues from my gastro chaos.

So I (and you) have been warned.
I'm likely to gain some weight in the beginning, but I'm going to avoid the scale as much as possible to prevent me from freaking the frick out and abandoning carbs again.

I'm likely to vent and whine a bit, so people: be gentle.

If anyone has experience with micromanaging their intake and macros, I can open up my diary on MFP for any feedback!

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  1. Good luck with your changes. Thats great that you did your research and and trying to do whats best for you and your body. I've upped my exercise in Jan so like you, I;ve been gradually upping my calories so Im not eating too little.



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