Feb 18, 2014

Weekend of gluttony...

I'm such a slacker aren't I?  Monday is a holiday from work and I end up taking it as a holiday from the blog? Shame on me.

It was a rough, very busy weekend and yesterday was my Sunday with errands and meal prep all day long, so the idea of blogging was way down on the list.  Alright, the truth is that yesterday my body was taken over by some evil-sabotaging-April and totally snacked and ate food like there was no tomorrow. Diet? healthy choices? psshaw, this evil alien just wrecked weeks of hard work.

The quick and dirty cause? 
Saturday was LittleOne's birthday party, a party where the bakery accidentally made two cookie cakes claiming that I ordered two full size cookie cakes for my party of 5 kids. 

Result? An entire 15inch sugar cookie cake in my house.

And then? In honor of LittleOne's birthday, a family friend brought 4 dozen cupcakes for her friends.  He also didn't realize that I was throwing a party for FIVE girls, not 45 girls.

Result? Even after forcing every parent to take cupcakes home with them, 
and me leaving a dozen at the dance studio, I have two dozen cupcakes in my house.

Then on Sunday?  LittleOne asked Gramma to take her to Whataburger for lunch, and she obliged.  If you aren't in Texas then you are lucky, because one cannot go to Whataburger and show restraint.

 Yes I ate one, and not the Junior sized one.

Obviously I am in carb detox today.



  1. Ahh we have a Whataburger here too. I feel your pain. Those are the best fast food burgers hands down. And sugar cookies. I can't pass those up either! Oh well, chalk this one up to birthdays and Valentine's Day and just keep on keepin on!

  2. I hear ya! At least you have some kind of restraint - that's more than I can say!

    1. oops, did I say I showed restraint? the only restraint is that I brought in the remaining cupcakes to work to fatten, I mean spoil my coworkers!

  3. Hi! I'm a new follower from Ashton's blog!! Love the Fat Amy workout!! And we don't have Whataburgers, but I could totally go for a Five Guys burger right now!!!!


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