Mar 31, 2014

Monday Missions and Sriracha

"At first I was afraid....I was terrified..."

"I couldn't imagine my life with you by my side."

I figured it is about time to come clean to how much of a poser I am.
"Hi, my name is April and I just bought my first bottle of Sriracha about two weeks ago"

 Since opening the bottle I have now discovered why it is coveted lately.
Tuna? heck yeah
ground turkey? omg...heaven
eggs? only way to get them down!

This post is for you my friend (sriracha)
god I miss it June yet??

And now to our normally scheduled "My Monday Mission" where I share what the goals and plans are for the week, then on Friday I fess up to what actually was completed.  So far I'm batting about an 85% completion rate.  I'm not complaining.

Monday - did arm/shoulders since the gym was quieter than usual! (am) + P90X Cardio X
Tuesday - 3miles (AM) + P90X Legs and Back
Wednesday - 4miles (AM) + Insanity
Thursday - 2.5miles (AM) + Zumba and P90X AbRipper
Friday - 4+miles (AM) + HipHopAbs Total Body

This weekend I didn't any official workout in, but I met my step goals and ended up with 2400calorie burn days with all the purging,cleaning,nagging, and packing to get the house ready to be literally picture perfect for today.

Wish us luck that this is a quick process to avoid any long drawn out stress and drama.

Mar 28, 2014

I followed...#FTF (#11)

It's Friday!!

You know what this means???

It is #FTF (Follow-Through-Friday) with my newest buds!

Alrighty, my attitude adjustment stuck with me for the entire week (holla!) and other than a mini Reeses' egg I savored today, I have to be happy with my work this week.

Monday - 3.5miles(33:14) + P90X Plyo
Tuesday - 3.5miles(33:11) + HipHopAbs Cardio
Wednesday - 3.36miles(35) + Insanity
Thursday - 2.55miles(24:50) + no class
Friday - ZERO + CardioBootCamp

Total miles: 12.91 out of my 15mile goal. = 86% 

Hey, I got a B! 

I don't want to commit myself, but since I slept in today I was considering trying to get a 5miler in this weekend somewhere, but it is unlikely.

Seems this weekend will be another whirlwind weekend of house cleaning scramble to get the house listed next week and venturing into this house-selling-buying-new-moving chaos. 

Yes, that will be me all fritzed out and stressed with cleaning and prepping my house this weekend, then  being a maniac towards the kids to keep the house that way for any possible showings.  Not too sure about the future of my 4am wakeup calls...but I'm hopeful to keep at it for my own mental health!

and in honor of classic Seinfeld....


Have a great weekend my friends!

Mar 27, 2014

A non-NSV...

Bear with me here...
hehe pun intended....

No, I'm not linking up a weight victory (a real scale victory) with the accomplishments of the Non-Scale Victory peeps. I wouldn't do that, because the biggest mental block for all of us is learning that there is more to this journey than that stupid number.

I think the last NSV I posted was last month when I fit into an "XS" repelling harness for rock climbing but the post was marred by my continued self-induced torture of the scale monitoring?  That I hated the numbers?

My NSV this month?

I have not weighed myself in 30 days.

This is huge for me, because frankly I have zero idea where I stand.  I've had a lackluster February and March until the past ten days or so.  But, guess what?  The sky hasn't fallen and I am fitting in my clothes better than ever (for real!)


Mar 26, 2014

It is all a gimmick....

A pyramid scheme
A 'direct marketing' scheme

whatever you want to call it,  I'm calling it out.
Yeah you...

This whole fitness "industry" game. All of it, they must be in cahoots together. 

How else do you explain the monopoly they have on some of us? our wallets?

This came to me after Shaun T kicked my arss yesterday with HipHopsAbs and I wanted to tweet something clever like

"@ShaunT, you owe me three Advils and a massage or foam rolling session. 8pm, k?
 #SoreAsHell #AllYourFault"

But then I realized, I can't blame him completely.  I know I've tweeted out a curse or two at Jillian, or Tony, even the crazy Brazillian Butts guy.

The scam?

Shaun/Tony/Jillian/trainers   = sore body
sore body = foam rollers and ibuprofen
foam rollers = shopping in sports store = new workout clothes
new workout clothes = gotta hit the gym to show them off
showing gym clothes off = selfies at the gym for instagram
Instagram to check for 'likes' = scrolling through and seeing other inspiration
inspired = working out twice as hard tomorrow.

So maybe it isn't a pyramid

I think its more like a tree with my journey to look and feel good being the trunk of the tree and each branch is one of those things listed.

The "Shaun T" branch
Jillian's branch
Tony's branch
The makers of Advil (who am I kidding, the generics of Advil I mean!)
The makers of foam rollers
Glyder apparel
Compression apparel
Tek Gear
so on and so forth.

They just all together make this huge canopy of tree branches and leaves.

Which I guess is doing their job in making this 'trunk' that I am all the more stronger and healthy.

damn...this was supposed to be a conspiracy against me type of post, instead I think I just justified their covert operation.

The Hump Day Blog Hop

Mar 24, 2014

Holy cardio week

Hola Monday!!!
 this is the refreshed and determined April here.
No, not me...that is Anna, I mean Kristen Bell!
(If you have a LittleOne, you will get the Anna reference from Frozen)
(I just wish I had her smile and spunk!)

I gotta make up for the last month's lackluster attitude.  I've been working out and eating well, but my attitude has just sucked (at least I think it has!) So I am sucking it up and pushing through with things that keep me happy.

I am following along with Val and friends with their "90day Bikini challenge," but modest me can barely show my face online, I doubt a swimsuit pic will be shared publicly.  So most likely I will be sharing measurements and workout clothes at most. Good enough right?

I will take my measurements tonight and a 'before' picture for my purposes at least.

But more importantly, I have a kickass full cardio week ahead of me, and I need it!

The AM routine?
 Keeping it simple with at least 3 miles every morning Monday-Friday = 15miles

The PM (lunchtime) routine?
Monday - P90X Plyo
Tuesday - HipHopAbs Full Body Circuit
Wednesday - Insanity
Thursday - P90X Core
Friday - Cardio BootCamp

Yeah, hella lot of cardio!  I will sweat this funk out of me!

Mar 21, 2014

Failed-Follow-Thru-Friday (#10)

The title says it all, doesn't it?  I mean my numbering isn't on track, if someone were as meticulous as I normally am, someone would have noticed that I didn't have a #9.

Nah…I'm not saying I'm a failure, or that I've failed myself with the challenge.  But I'm being honest with my lack of motivation this past two weeks, a lack of oomph.  I have no logical excuse other than life's distractions getting the best of me.

I will cut this short, instead of recapping and sharing all the workouts that I missed this week:

Monday - I got in my AM miles
Tuesday - AM miles and a lunchtime cardio
Wednesday - zilch, nada…absolute bubkiss
Thursday - zero AM but I did Zumba and T25 Abs.
Friday - another zilch, nada day.

I am aware.
I know that I mentally need my miles or workout time.
I know that I will hate NOT sticking to this.

Honestly? I am a little anxious to start back on my protein shakes.
Yeah, I said it.  

Maybe it is because I did a bad thing (not bad, but not exactly clean either)

All I will admit to….any vanilla protein powder mixed with water is fine and dandy 75% of the time, but when this girl randomly splashed a teeny tiny bit of the green bottle stuff, the Thin Mint,  aka: "heaven in a bottle"?  Yeah, the afternoon shake and 3pm chocolate fix was satisfied.

So yep, imperfection personified here…
totally not perfect and not 'clean'….

But with my protein back in the game next week, I'm all set to recenter this focus and aim higher on my mileage and try to keep life from getting in the way.

Mar 20, 2014

If I could get paid....

I read Krysten's post this morning and it jumped at me as an opportunity to share alittle more about "April" other than my workout routine.

So, if someone were to fund me or give me the opportunity I would:

Organize people's homes.

I know its a real business out there now, and there are people who do it fulltime.  I cringe when I see people post pictures of their closets or a room in disarray. Not that it is dirty or anything, but my eyes immediately go to the clutter corners or the stacked books not in an identifiable order or theme.

Call it what you will, perhaps it would be an attempt to capitalize on my OCD preferences?  If someone wanted to pay me for it, why not? ha!  Now don't assume I live in a prestine hotel looking like home because the truth is that I have three, err two children and a husband who cannot wrap their heads about order. I think I married and birthed the wrong family because this logical thinking stuff did not get passed down. 
Although now that I think about it, my son does keep his Lego booklets in a baggie set aside from the Legos in case he wants to rebuild a specific item

And my daughter does line up her shoes and alpha blocks correctly.

So I have some hope for the little ones, but that big guy in the house? He's the holdout and knocks me down a notch.  I think he does it on purpose to see me get anxious when he purposely turns the cans around in the pantry so I can't see the label.

But see, if it was someone else's home or office that is WANTING the help, then yes...I'm their girl.

Mar 18, 2014

Top o' the Tuesday...

Alrighty, the title was my only homage to St. Patrick's Day.  No longer an obligatory Guinness or green beer kind of girl (truthfully its been 12years since those days) and now the only obligation for the day is to harp on the family to make sure to wear green.

I was supposed to plan out my week for you me yesterday but was not near my workout calendar (at work) and here it is Tuesday, my 2nd day of my workout week, and I think I've already fallen off the plan.

Monday - 4miles running 6miles cycling + 1.5miles on stairmaster
Tuesday - 4miles running 2.5miles running + Shoulders and back + P90X Back and Biceps (PM)
Wednesday - 5 miles + T25 Cardio(PM)
Thursday - 3miles + Leg Day + Zumba (PM)
Friday  - 4miles + T25 Upper Focus/Total circuit (PM)

My updated macros are offkilter this week as well.  I changed my repeat labwork to Friday and have decided to not use any supplemental protein drinks or shakes or whatnot.  Simply using my regular foods and regular vitamins that are standard for me year round, I  want to make sure any labwork readings are valid and now inflated or skewed because of the supplemental protein sources.

Basically I am hoping that the bloodwork comes back clean and invaliding the original set.

Oh and as promised....

This week "In His Bag":
Ginger marinaded chicken breast ontop of a combination of sauteed squash and peppers with green lentils and brown rice. Side salad and a yogurt

Mar 17, 2014

Mama days...

Here's a hint folks…if I'm not working at the legit job, then I'm not popping in here either :)

Instead of my normal FollowThroughFriday post, I was busy doing the mama thing.

Friday was a random fun day for the Kiddo as the last day of spring break and well I had to be a chauffeure to make it happen.  He went to his first ever professional sports game!! Kiddo and I share one thing, a love of the SPURS! (Dad just doesn't understand at all!) so it was a double surprise and blessing that his friend invited him to go to a game with his family.

Kiddo got to watch the Spurs-Lakers game on Friday night and it was an awesome experience for the boys to do together (although I was jealous as hell!)  The catch was that I had to get him to the friend's house at 11am, which is too early to go into Austin for the morning, and well…who wants to go into work after noon on a Friday??

I was a good girl though….and got up and got my run on at 4am like scheduled.

I'm on my phone so I can't copy it over, but I hit my schedule perfectly other than missing arm day on Wednesday.

This week I'm still trying to decide how hard to hit it.  I have to do another round of blood tests on Friday and I'm going to eliminate any protein shakes this week to ensure the results aren't inflated because of that. 

I will post this week's schedule tomorrow instead of a food related post, or perhaps I'll combo it up..hmmm.

Mar 13, 2014

I will be....

Until about ten minutes ago I planned on skipping another day on the blog. I had nothing to report on, especially since I stayed up way too late catching up on Walking Dead and a random episode of Glee.  It is a rare treat for me to have free reign to the tv, and I try to squeeze as much in when the opportunity arises.  Result?  Up to 1am.

Obviously the alarm at 4:09am was squashed with immense guilt since I had a 5miles planned for this morning, Good thing for P90X today right?

But then I read Whitney's post about Self Love and appreciating one's self.  I honestly read this as if she was my sister and shaking me to reality that I had to listen to her. 

Anyone who follows along knows that I've shared that I have been in a low lately.  It is more than the physical low with medical stress and Dr. Evil Google, but I have been emotionally spent for the last several weeks.

So while I may not have friends nearby or close enough to tell me some positive affirmations, I will take Whitney's message to heart and give myself the affirmations that I need right now.

I am not the 'average woman' anymore that I spoke of in my past.
I am getting stronger everyday, emotionally and physically.
I will soon look in the mirror and not see the wrinkles,
 the bags under my eyes and roots.
the cowlick in my hair or roots showing.

I will see the hilarious friend that friends once spoke of.
I will see more smiles and laughter
I will see a healthy self in the mirror and smile in gratitude for what I do have in life.
I will be April.

Mar 11, 2014

"In His Bag"

I have to admit I've drunk the meal-prep koolaid.
I blame Instagram.

So much so that I looked forward to my new Sunday routine and focused so much on that, that the weeknight dinners are second thoughts.  This may be a good thing, with quality healthy lunches prepped, our dinners aren't so heavy or a main focus anymore.  Good for Hubs and I, maybe not so good for the kids. ha!

This week in Hub's Bag
  • Spicy Tilapia with Sugar Snap Peas and brown rice (x2)
  • Fajita Chicken breast tenders with sauteed peppers, brown rice, and a zesty broccoli normandy mix (x2)
  • Either lunch with a side salad
In April's Bag
  • 2cups of green salad with 3oz turkey, 2oz of cottage cheese (x2)
  • Plain tuna with 2oz cottage cheese and 5grape tomatoes (x2)
  • 2cups of green salad with fajita chicken breast tender topped with salsa. (x1)
**the food items listed here are simply the prepared food items and does not include snacks of protein shakes, pumpkin seeds, yogurt (his) and fruit.

So....what's in your bag today?


Mar 10, 2014

"Make it so" Monday

I'm going to proactively share my intended week here....hoping that by saying it outloud, it will be.

Make it so, April.

Yes, Captain!

For the last two weeks I've started off really strong with a good productive run and excitement over a new faster speed each time, but by Wednesday or Thursday I end up blowing it all off and averaging out my week not to pumped.  Remember back in November when I was hitting 20miles a week and the idea of a half-marathon wasn't even a twinkle of an idea?  Now that I actually have been working on that goal, I can't average more than a 12mile week?  wth?

So this week I'm going to put it out there in advance, and lets hope that Friday's weekly recap will be a 'mission accomplished' kind of recap?

Monday - (AM) 4miles ~8:42mph! PR~ + (PM) P90X Core  = CHECK
Tuesday - (AM) 3miles + Legs
Wednesday  - (AM) Arms and back + (PM) Insanity
Thursday - (AM) 3.5-4miles + (PM) Zumba30 + Yoga stretch
Friday -  (AM) 2mile hills/incline work + (PM) Jillian Michael's Circuit

No PM planned for tomorrow because I'll be busy getting my boobs squished thanks to my mom's recent scare and the nastigram reminder letter that I got for missing the last two followups.  I'm a bad patient...I was too busy gestating and then nursing a new human. I think I get a bye.

(sorry folks...I've been in a Trekkie mood lately) 

Mar 7, 2014

Freak Out Friday (FTF #8)

First of all, this linkup is perfectly timed for everyone to avoid snag a chance to win some awesome crappy stuff from Val at FabChickGetsFit.  Pay no attention to this shoutout because it is nothing, no seriously, do NOT go and see all the stuff she's pimping out.  Listen to me, don't bother. I checked it out and nobody else would at all be interested in all that awesome random stuff.

I honestly did have the best intentions of posts this week, I ended up with three different ramblings that could have been posted, but then I felt it was just rambling and filler instead of real me wanting to share or talk. So I didn't.

Is that better blog etiquette than filler? I thought so.

It hasn't been a horrible bad week by any means, just mental funk is keeping me quieter than my norm.  All the doctor stuff, and then new doctor stuff coming up.

Children, just remember that Dr. Google is a bad bad thing.

Short story for now is that I have to re-do some labwork and keep my Google-filled anxiety at bay with the use of Reeses the treadmill.  Despite that, I will recap how this week went for those who are interested in how far off the motivational track I've fallen (or not? ha!)

March 3 - 7
Monday - 3.10miles (Pace 9:10)
Tuesday - Insanity 
Wednesday - home arm workout and pushups until I collapsed
Thursday - 4.20miles (Pace: 8:59) 
Friday - 2.5miles + Legs

I mentioned my pace for the first time ever, because frankly the fact that I am now solidly under a 10minute mile is just slightly Awesome!!

My food? eh, not so much.  I'm still good and watching it all, but since the doctor's freakout earlier this week, I've loosened up on myself.  I'm still forcing at least one protein shake into my routine to bump up the protein, and Hubs found a new one to try that has even more vitamins and supplements in it to try and boost me up.  It is so ironic that the healthier and stronger I get, the more my body wants to get Dr. House invited to my party.

Zero plans this weekend other than a long run and maybe some purge-level cleaning in the master and Kiddo closets.  If the weather holds out, Hubs has hinted at either a trip to the coast for fishing or him and I duck away for a motorcycle ride.  The bipolar weather the country is having is making this OCD-planning type girl alittle frazzled.

Next week is Spring Break around here for the kiddos plus SXSW in Austin. This means we will AVOID parts of Austin and stay in our outer edges of town to avoid traffic and chaos.

What is going on this weekend in your area?

Mar 3, 2014

Race Recap: Neighborhood 5K (March 1st)

I may have mentioned it slightly in between all my whining last week, or not.

I had our local school's PTA 5K this past weekend.  My kiddo (9yr old) and I did it last year in the bitter cold and accidentally got registered for the 1K fun run instead. It all worked out last year because I had to push a stroller without any warning, alongside a shivering cold 8yr old.  So this year was our year of redemption against the cold of last year, right?

First of all, Kiddo has had some hip issues lately...going on three months now that he's struggling with.  We've had it xrayed and he had two weeks of gym excuse, but it is still plaguing him :(  I am getting slightly worried, it isn't normal for a very active 9yr old boy to need a heating pad and me helping massage his quad and hip so he can sleep at night.  He has soccer starting up later this month and he's getting upset that he won't be able to run.

So he was out for the run, but he joined me to support his friends and be my buddy at the finish line. 

Even though my buddy was with me, it was going to be a different experience for me in more than one way.  In the few pictures of me, you've likely noticed I wear glasses.  I have contacts but don't get to wear them regularly because of the allergies in Austin, but I do always wear them outside for running or anything outdoors.  Yeah, my last pair tore on Tuesday so I was stuck running with my glasses.  That sucks anytime because sweat makes them run down your nose or sweat makes them get spotty and you end up winking and blinking your way though that spot.

The skies must have known I was stuck running with glasses and they must have thought 'why we can't make this too easy on April, can we?' No, no no.

Result?  The most intense fog and mist the city has seen in likely a year!? Sure it wasn't bone chilling cold, but instead it was soupy thick humid air and mist. Mist? glasses? humidity? you see where this is going, don't you?
Alrighty then.
Despite the mist, fog, humidity and glasses I trekked on and ran my 4th official 5K of the year.  Two virtuals and then February and March outdoor.  I vowed not to walk any of it, but reality sunk in that my treadmill training and practices don't prepare me or my lungs for that kind of weather.  So I had to slow my roll a couple times, but I tried not to for more than a couple seconds at a time.

Total time?  33.17
And I have to pat myself on the is faster than my February outdoor run by almost three minutes AND I did walk alittle bit AND it was in less than ideal conditions for me.

My original tentative plan was for an outdoor 10mile run at the end of the month, which is literally 4 weekends away.  But after the reality of my breathing and lack of regular experience outside, I'm going to push that goal out alittle bit and focus on getting outside more often.  I've gotten up to 8miles on the treadmill, but outdoors and with the hills, is totally different.  So my goal is to get up to a 10K OUTSIDE by the end of the month.

Once that experience gets more comfortable I will look at the schedule for the next increment.

That was my Saturday, and lets just say it was the easier day of my weekend!
 I had volunteered to help my mom babysit my two nieces on Sunday.  She had volunteered before her surgery and thought she'd be up for it, but I volunteered to help her out...and it was so very needed. OMG 3 little girls under the age of 4?  Yep, I drank alot of coffee and was eager to return to work today to rest.

true story.

*PS* Mom's surgery results and pathology report turned out wonderfully. 
Nothing to fret about now....other than her focus on my upcoming derm and mammogram appointments.

Thank you for everyone's emails and comments!!
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