Mar 27, 2014

A non-NSV...

Bear with me here...
hehe pun intended....

No, I'm not linking up a weight victory (a real scale victory) with the accomplishments of the Non-Scale Victory peeps. I wouldn't do that, because the biggest mental block for all of us is learning that there is more to this journey than that stupid number.

I think the last NSV I posted was last month when I fit into an "XS" repelling harness for rock climbing but the post was marred by my continued self-induced torture of the scale monitoring?  That I hated the numbers?

My NSV this month?

I have not weighed myself in 30 days.

This is huge for me, because frankly I have zero idea where I stand.  I've had a lackluster February and March until the past ten days or so.  But, guess what?  The sky hasn't fallen and I am fitting in my clothes better than ever (for real!)



  1. Great NSV!! That scale can be a b****! :)

  2. This is a great NSV! I personally find the scale to be torturous...I know I need to at least keep an eye on it but I let it get me down more that I should. With that being said, I eyeball that thing every time I go in my bathroom. Great NSV!


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