Mar 21, 2014

Failed-Follow-Thru-Friday (#10)

The title says it all, doesn't it?  I mean my numbering isn't on track, if someone were as meticulous as I normally am, someone would have noticed that I didn't have a #9.

Nah…I'm not saying I'm a failure, or that I've failed myself with the challenge.  But I'm being honest with my lack of motivation this past two weeks, a lack of oomph.  I have no logical excuse other than life's distractions getting the best of me.

I will cut this short, instead of recapping and sharing all the workouts that I missed this week:

Monday - I got in my AM miles
Tuesday - AM miles and a lunchtime cardio
Wednesday - zilch, nada…absolute bubkiss
Thursday - zero AM but I did Zumba and T25 Abs.
Friday - another zilch, nada day.

I am aware.
I know that I mentally need my miles or workout time.
I know that I will hate NOT sticking to this.

Honestly? I am a little anxious to start back on my protein shakes.
Yeah, I said it.  

Maybe it is because I did a bad thing (not bad, but not exactly clean either)

All I will admit to….any vanilla protein powder mixed with water is fine and dandy 75% of the time, but when this girl randomly splashed a teeny tiny bit of the green bottle stuff, the Thin Mint,  aka: "heaven in a bottle"?  Yeah, the afternoon shake and 3pm chocolate fix was satisfied.

So yep, imperfection personified here…
totally not perfect and not 'clean'….

But with my protein back in the game next week, I'm all set to recenter this focus and aim higher on my mileage and try to keep life from getting in the way.


  1. I did not know that existed! Hmmm, how bad are they? Are we talking a lot more sugars or extra calories? I need to know...for science.

    1. I thought I'd reply here as well in case anyone else was curious.
      Adding the Thin Mint creamer in a measured tablespoon adds 35calories, 1.5g fats, and 5 carbs. Since my protein shakes are predominantly mixed with water, it still keeps my shakes under 150 calories, 3g fats, 5 carbs, and 25g protein. I consider that a win.


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