Mar 24, 2014

Holy cardio week

Hola Monday!!!
 this is the refreshed and determined April here.
No, not me...that is Anna, I mean Kristen Bell!
(If you have a LittleOne, you will get the Anna reference from Frozen)
(I just wish I had her smile and spunk!)

I gotta make up for the last month's lackluster attitude.  I've been working out and eating well, but my attitude has just sucked (at least I think it has!) So I am sucking it up and pushing through with things that keep me happy.

I am following along with Val and friends with their "90day Bikini challenge," but modest me can barely show my face online, I doubt a swimsuit pic will be shared publicly.  So most likely I will be sharing measurements and workout clothes at most. Good enough right?

I will take my measurements tonight and a 'before' picture for my purposes at least.

But more importantly, I have a kickass full cardio week ahead of me, and I need it!

The AM routine?
 Keeping it simple with at least 3 miles every morning Monday-Friday = 15miles

The PM (lunchtime) routine?
Monday - P90X Plyo
Tuesday - HipHopAbs Full Body Circuit
Wednesday - Insanity
Thursday - P90X Core
Friday - Cardio BootCamp

Yeah, hella lot of cardio!  I will sweat this funk out of me!

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  1. I'm tired after just reading about your routine! I had thought about doing this too but no way am I taking a pic in my skivvies. Maybe one day. But that day is not today! :D


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