Mar 28, 2014

I followed...#FTF (#11)

It's Friday!!

You know what this means???

It is #FTF (Follow-Through-Friday) with my newest buds!

Alrighty, my attitude adjustment stuck with me for the entire week (holla!) and other than a mini Reeses' egg I savored today, I have to be happy with my work this week.

Monday - 3.5miles(33:14) + P90X Plyo
Tuesday - 3.5miles(33:11) + HipHopAbs Cardio
Wednesday - 3.36miles(35) + Insanity
Thursday - 2.55miles(24:50) + no class
Friday - ZERO + CardioBootCamp

Total miles: 12.91 out of my 15mile goal. = 86% 

Hey, I got a B! 

I don't want to commit myself, but since I slept in today I was considering trying to get a 5miler in this weekend somewhere, but it is unlikely.

Seems this weekend will be another whirlwind weekend of house cleaning scramble to get the house listed next week and venturing into this house-selling-buying-new-moving chaos. 

Yes, that will be me all fritzed out and stressed with cleaning and prepping my house this weekend, then  being a maniac towards the kids to keep the house that way for any possible showings.  Not too sure about the future of my 4am wakeup calls...but I'm hopeful to keep at it for my own mental health!

and in honor of classic Seinfeld....


Have a great weekend my friends!


  1. Oh no! House listing! I know that mania all too well. Good luck! And you killed this week. :)

  2. OH man I'm totally going to have to get all the tips from you. We're thinking of doing that in the next year or so. Good luck with it and hope it goes smoothly!

  3. Woooo! Good job! Good luck with the house selling boss just sold his house in 3 days. I wish you the same luck! :)

    I do what I want.


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