Mar 13, 2014

I will be....

Until about ten minutes ago I planned on skipping another day on the blog. I had nothing to report on, especially since I stayed up way too late catching up on Walking Dead and a random episode of Glee.  It is a rare treat for me to have free reign to the tv, and I try to squeeze as much in when the opportunity arises.  Result?  Up to 1am.

Obviously the alarm at 4:09am was squashed with immense guilt since I had a 5miles planned for this morning, Good thing for P90X today right?

But then I read Whitney's post about Self Love and appreciating one's self.  I honestly read this as if she was my sister and shaking me to reality that I had to listen to her. 

Anyone who follows along knows that I've shared that I have been in a low lately.  It is more than the physical low with medical stress and Dr. Evil Google, but I have been emotionally spent for the last several weeks.

So while I may not have friends nearby or close enough to tell me some positive affirmations, I will take Whitney's message to heart and give myself the affirmations that I need right now.

I am not the 'average woman' anymore that I spoke of in my past.
I am getting stronger everyday, emotionally and physically.
I will soon look in the mirror and not see the wrinkles,
 the bags under my eyes and roots.
the cowlick in my hair or roots showing.

I will see the hilarious friend that friends once spoke of.
I will see more smiles and laughter
I will see a healthy self in the mirror and smile in gratitude for what I do have in life.
I will be April.


  1. Love this. And that picture of you :)

  2. Sending good vibes your way! Sometimes we experience lows but we have to pick ourselves back up. Believe in yourself and love yourself! You are beautiful!! The sun is always shining!!

    1. Thank you....I just don't like how long these low funks are staying around me. But you are right, just suck it up and push through to the next day.


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